I have been contacted by woody – James Trautvetter, who owns the classic launch Taufale (link below to ww story on her), about what appears to be an abandoned launch.
The boat is called Amokora & and has been washed up since last Christmas on the Whitford River, just north of the Whitford Boating & Cruising Club. James commented that she appears to be approx. 40’ in length & it would appear to be easy enough to float again.
Prior to the oops, James has heard the motor running & she sounded good, most likely a 100 hp or similar.
James & fellow WB&CC members are keen to uncover who the owner is and what are their intentions.
James commented that if they don’t want it, he will have it!
Anyone know the background to how she ended up here & the story of her past?
Link to Taufale.
08-08-2018 Input from Cameron Pollard
A few years ago she was parked up at the Marine Haulage yard in Te Atatu. Has a 6cyl. Ford. Was then sold on trade – photo below ex NZclassicboats
Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 8.02.34 am
08-08-2018 Input from Ian McDonald
We found her semi-derelict on the slip way at [strangely enough] Omokoroa, Tga harbour & bought her in 1982 & relaunched her in Jan1983 (refer photo montage)
I saw her a few yrs back when I owned ‘Signature’ (Miller & Tunnage) down the bottom end of Waiheke & then at Pine Harbour marina. Then she sat somewhere out Beachlands way on 44gal drums for a time and bugger me if I didn’t find it again around 2013 on the hardstand at Thames wharf (more 44gal drums) and the cabin had been altered to the same configuration as shown in the Whitford creek pic’s. Motor when we had it was 6cyl Ford Trader, complete with decompression lever so, Ford people will be able to date that. Had 2:1 borgwarner hyd drive.
The BOP Times article is from c.1980/01 & old b/w photo Ian believes is as she was originally built.
Omokoroa montage
Omokoroa BOP Times Article
09-08-2018 Update from F. Foh – 

Photo below of Omokoroa shows her laid over, she was like this for some months right up the Whitford at the site of the old haul out before moving to her current resting site. Had a big Harbour Master sticker on the window saying urgent contact needed.