Omokaroa / Omokoroa Saved

Omokaroa / Omokoroa Saved
Back in August 2018 we reported on the fate of the launch Omokoroa that appeared abandoned, washed ashore in the Whitford River, near the Whitford Boating and Cruising Club. At the time we uncovered a lot about her past , supported by some great photos – read this WW story here

Early this week I was contacted by Lyndon Chambers with the news that the launch had been saved, I’ll let Lyndon tell the story:

“I contacted the harbourmaster late Feb about the salvage of Omokaroa from Wade’s island, found the owner through a small book of notes from on board then after a lot of spadework and the help of 8 airbeds under the scow-like flat-ish hull, 2 plow anchors and a winch combined with a 3.6m king tide she floated out over the mangroves, just requiring some work around the rudder and some time to ‘take up’. It’s now happily on a mooring and part of the Shelly Park Cruising Club where it’s being restored to a comfortable family cruiser.Shes an ailing old hull that’s been sured up with galv nails at some point but I will get it tidied up, Its running a 60hp Ford 2401e on a 2:1 Paragon box, just had to do repair the sump, sort some wiring and a general service of the cooling system”.

NOTE: It some stage the name has been changed / altered from Omokoroa to Omokaroa ?? Or have we two different boats?? There was some chat about this in the Aug 2018 story.