Classic Woody Runabout


Todays woody is a John Spencer Rocket and was built in the 1950’s and has only ever had fresh water use (Lake Taupo), and shed stored.

She is 14’ in length and powered by a Johnson 25hp outboard (1985) and if you believe tme it has only done 30 hours.

Anyone looking for an entry level woody fir the lakes or at the bach?

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John Spencer – Champion of the Amateur Boatbuilder

John Spencer – Champion of the Amateur Boatbuilder
For the last 3 days the annual classic yacht and launch exhibition, hosted by the Tino Rawa Trust, has been on at Kairanga Plaza, Halsey St, Wynyard Quarter. This year the star of the show is the late designer John Spencer.  You can read more about John below. 

On Friday I got a sneak review of the event at the opening legendary morning tea, that always sees the who’s who of the wooden boating movement making an appearance.
The show is on today from 10am >4pm, so not too late to pop down.

One of the invited speakers was John Street, now when ever John steps up to a mike – I push record. His words are always outstanding, push play on the video below and you’ll have a chuckle as John relays a few memories of times with John Spencer, Turn the volume up 🙂



Back in early October we did a story on a collection of boating books and photographs that David Campbell-Morrison rescued from the rubbish bin. The owner of the collection was a D.F. Thompson and the material was from / dated the early 1930’s to the mid 1940’s. Any photos were of yachts except for the photo above. 

Can anyone help with identifying the motorboat, location and crew? Its quite a distinctive design so hopefully someone will recognise the vessel. Given it appears to be an aerial photo and the number of crew on-board and that the crew have all turned out on deck, my wild guess is that it may be performing a role of ‘mother-ship’ in an offshore yacht race.

06-11-2020 Input from Harold Kidd – MIRANDA was a 55ft twin-engined steel launch built by E.D. (Bill) Edmundson at Thorndon Quay and launched in June 1953 after 7 years of work.. She became the unofficial flagship for the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club and did a trip to Sydney and back in 1960-1.

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Can We ID This Launch

Can We ID This Launch
Another photo sent in by Bryce Strong from his families old photo collection. The above launch is a mystery to me, but the very distinctive array of windows should trigger someones memory. I can make out the following letters on her name board ‘_OANUI’

Given the other photos in the album, the location would have to be in / around the Hauraki Gulf. 

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