Northland1949 Boating Holiday

Northland 1949  Boating Holiday

Something different today a 4 minute black and white movie featuring mainly Russell in the Bay of Islands and some of the A Class fleets underway and racing. A cool flashback to that era. Their are two movies on the link – the boating one starts at 6 minutes, fast forward – Enjoy 🙂   (movie ex Archives NZ Weekly Review #390 – 1949)

I’ll give a WW cap to the first woody than can correctly ID the launch alongside the Russell Wharf. Entries via email only to the address below and to make it fair NO entries before 8.30am.

7 thoughts on “Northland1949 Boating Holiday

  1. Nathan, well spotted. If the footage is from Jan 1949 it was a very new Florence Dawn on her maiden trip to the BoI; she was launched in Nov 1948. I will check the log book over the weekend. I bet that my grandfather and father were not aware that they had been captured on movie film.


  2. I thought the segment of the newsreel about the prefabricated aluminum houses was interesting. Could solve the present housing shortage and save the Tiwai Point smelter at the same time.


  3. Is that Thetis bum-on at the Marlin hotel with Manunui and Coquette? Also in the video is Florence Dawn


  4. I agree with Robin that the opening frames show the Logan 33 Coquette and the Manunui of Colebrook family at what looks like Whangaroa harbour


  5. In those days the men just wore shorts and the girls were fully clothed, its changed a bit in the Bay these days, though those of us that go north for the Tall Ships every year still enjoy the good sailing and camaraderie at the party in some of the same yachts. I note one of the runabouts going by has been restored and is now owned by Russel resident Max.


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