The 1947, 33’, Sam Ford built bridge-decker – Snoozer has just popped up on tme (thank you Ian McDonald),. We do not know much about her other that she is kauri carvel planked and powered by a 85hp Isuzu diesel that has her cruising at 8 knots. Whangarei is her home town. Might be wrong, but I would suspect a name change at some time.

Can anyone enlighten us on Snoozer’s past life ?

Input from Bruce Pullan – bellow  is a picture of Awa Manu, it looks like Snoozer.

Yesterdays Quiz Winner To Name The Launch Alongside The Wharf  – was K. Sutherland, who was the first to correctly ID the boat as Lady Helen – WW cap on its way 🙂

The proof – ex Tudor Collins photo

5 thoughts on “Snoozer

  1. Have researched back through various bits of material, and believe her original name could be PASADENA, — I remember her so well with that name in the 40s/50’s, as I associated her, with the little area in inner West Auck just before Pt Chevalier, also known as Pasadena,and I always thought it was lovely name with a mutual association. (edited by AH)

    Hopefully owner of “SNOOZER”!!!??? will think so too. — KEN R


  2. She looks like one of the ALOFA, OKE BAY, CASTAWAY, LADY NOELEEN, group, to me, with a name change — Sure hope someone changes it back to its original name,” whatever it was,. (shudder. shudder). — KEN R


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