Monterey 4sale

Monterey (33’6”x32’x10’6”x2’7”) was built by Lidgards in 1946 for R.T. (Alf) Postles, an accountant, she was one of 3 the same, the others were Almaray (owned by Stan Bell-Booth) & possiblily Tangaroa was the 3rd one, all had 30hp Listers when launched. Postles sold her to Alf E. Hayman of 22 Omana Ave Mt Eden in c.1950 and it went later to John A Hayman of 5 Riverlea Ave Panmure in 1958 (Alf’s son?).
The old photo above was taken by Ken Ricketts, Christmas 1948.
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7 thoughts on “Monterey 4sale

  1. The old photo shows the Monterey as she was when Alf Hayman bought her in 1950 and moored her at Maraetai Beach where he had a beach house. As a boy I have vivid memories of a Good Friday trip to his property at Waikorariki Bay bottom end of Waiheke. Our return to Maraetai was daunting for a young boy and Alf’s grandson as the wind, sea and outgoing tide had the waves cascading over the bow and smashing on the helm windscreen. My grandfather took over the helm and us two boys were sent to the centre cabin and told to stay seated.
    This voyage even today 70 years on still remains as one of my best boyhood sea memories.


  2. Rolly and Nancy Bethune owned her in the late sixties, they took her up to my boat yard in clevedon. Ian reid.


  3. I’ve been searching for the Lady Jane, a 32′ cabin cruiser that was originally a naval cutter. My father built it from an open boat to a cabin cruiser in Greenock Scotland in 1959. It had a drop keel and a small Kelvin engine at the time.
    Unfortunately, as he didn’t foresee how quickly we would grow up, he sold the boat to someone in his work at IBM Greenock in the mid 60s while it was on stilts on the bank of the Kip River in Inverkip, Scotland. I know that the man who bought it left her there for around 3 years without sailing her but after that we list track of her as we lived our own lives.
    I’m curious to see if she’s still afloat or still exists.
    A few of these boats look like her but with a few changes. Her bow was square
    just like the boat in your photos instead of sloping like more modern boats.


  4. This boat the ‘Monterey’ looks just like a boat my father chartered with out of Tutukaka called ‘Ruth’.
    David Frank’s.


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