Big Woody Weekend -120+ Classic wooden launch & yacht photos from 2017 Mahurangi Regatta


Big Woody Weekend -120+ Classic wooden launch & yacht photos – Mahurangi Regatta

Rather a large post this morning woodys – the long weekend started around mid-day Friday when I slipped the lines at the marina & headed up the coast for the Mahurangi Regatta weekend. Late afternoon & into the evening, Sullivans Bay started to fill up with classic launches & cruising classic yachts. Given the SW breeze the classic yacht race fleet were not far behind. Makes a pleasant change to get to see the fleet finishing in daylight 🙂

Saturday dawned as a repeat of Friday in terms of the weather – 10/10, & it stayed that way for the next 3 days – maybe summer has arrived.
For the last few years we have been trying to beat the drum & build interest > participation in a classic wooden launch parade as part of the weekends activities – well 2017 was the year that the classic woodys really made a statement – 35+ launches of all ages & sizes meet off Scotts Landing & proceeded to motor over to Sullivans Bay & parade along the beach front in a special lane that was laid for the parade. To all the skippers that made the effort to join in, many thanks for making the event special. To the skippers that remained at anchor, maybe next year ……… 🙂
While I have been told on numerous occasions that its a sailing weekend, the truth is that with the growth of the classic launch movement , the Mahurangi weekend is now the largest classic wooden boating event in NZ. So lets all enjoy the event & celebrate our magnificent classics. I do have one wee bleat about the weekend, but I’ll talk about that at the end of todays post.

I have broken todays pictorial into five parts – Launch Parade, Regatta Yacht Race, General Regatta, Kawau Island & Trip home / Auckland Anniversary Regatta

At the Regatta prize giving on Saturday night I was chuffed to accept on Harold Kidd’s behalf the ‘John Cole Trophy’ (photo below) – awarded for ‘aesthetic contribution to the Mahurangi Regatta’, when I told Harold about the award he was concerned that it had taken 80 years for people to recognize his good looks, I told him I think his looks were enhanced by the fleet of classics he has presented over the years at the regatta 😉
Not along after walking up to collect Harolds award I was up again – it was my turn this time – I was presented with the ‘Handicappers Trophy’ (photo below) for helping with the Launch Parade over the last 5 years.

I saw lots of cameras out there, so send your photos to & we will share them (the good ones) with the wider woody community.


LAUNCH PARADE (Hopefully I got everyone, if I missed you boat, sorry but one guy (only me on-board, family joined later) & one camera has limitations



KAWAU ISLAND – in case you did not know – the Kawau Boat Club rocks



As you mooch around classics one of the things you notice is that a  lot & I mean A LOT of the boats have dogs on-board, not big scary dogs, 99% of the time they are small / medium dogs & they tend to be very loved & very well behaved – I would estimate that 1/3 of the people that I regularly boat with have a pooch & that pooch is better behaved than most kids. So why would someone attempt to make a classic boating event dog free. Thats what the organizers of the Mahurangi Regatta tried to do this weekend, I say tried because common sense won out & the dogs stayed. But it really does worry me that they are people out there that would send the time & effort to try to change the council rules on a piece of public land just because they do not like dogs. Maybe next time they should try making it Kids Free 🙂 A word of warning, keep this up & you will lose a large chunk of your loyalists.

I will not bother to comment on the stanch of DOC & its apparant drive to make every beach / reserve dog free…….. that is another story.

7 thoughts on “Big Woody Weekend -120+ Classic wooden launch & yacht photos from 2017 Mahurangi Regatta

  1. Thanks Nathan, I did not realise Norma was there. Goes to show how much there is to see at this event. I would have liked to look at her internals to see Howards work. I am her owners would like to see the engine that once powered her.


  2. Mahurangi, you did well!! Wonderful weekend all round. Weather couldn’t have been better, for both launchies and yachties. Sitting outside the Kawau Boat Club on Sunday eve looking out over the harbour, watching the comings and goings of hundreds of boats and people makes one realize what a fortunate bunch we boaties are!! Doesn’t matter what size or shape the vessel everyone in general is having a jolly good time.


  3. Good stuff Alan. I have a bunch once I get them off the camera.

    Kicking myself for not seeing Norma and having a look. Or Echo for that matter, I’d love to see aboard another Coulthard boat.


  4. How wonderful to see NANA looking so gleaming & lovely again, after her brush with possible death back in 2014, –(refer woodys post 5.7.14), — she’s looking quite stunning again.
    Also MATANUI still great, with an almost original look as at the mid 1940s when I first remember her, apart from the very desirable addition of the dodger for practicality. — KEN R


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