Hobsonville Marina Hardstand Report







Hobsonville Marina Hardstand Report

Woody John Wicks sent in the above photos of woody activity at the marina.

Lapwing, built by Bailey & Lowe in 1915, lives along from me at Bayswater and would have to be a contender for the most unused woody in Auckland, but her owner maintains her very well so she is a lucky woody. Nice to see her lies and a close up of the classic B&L scrollwork on the bow. In the water front below


We couldn’t find Parma on WW but I’m sure its appeared before, she was for sale for a very long time, so hopefully her present condition reflects a change of ownership. As John commented, she is a pretty thing – can anyone update us on her?. 

The shots of – Rosemary M, show the results of a large plastic boat out-of-control whacking her with its stern platform after its skipper mistook his throttles for gearshifts while trying to back in / out of his berth. John understands the owner of Rosemary M was aboard her at the time and was able to stuff something into the hole and stem the inflow until she could be lifted out. John understands the owner of the assailant has at least had the decency to admit liability – good man. A peek below decks here –    https://waitematawoodys.com/2017/01/30/rosemary-m-a-peek-down-below/

3 thoughts on “Hobsonville Marina Hardstand Report

  1. In the re-painting process, Lapwing’s scroll work has (temporarily, I hope) disappeared, along with the name board from her transom. I guess you could call the boards carved with scroll work “trail boards”? That would certainly be the case if they were fitted to a clipper bow.


  2. PARMA is a 32/10 built by Brin Wlson in 1958 and has a 6 cyl Fordson.
    The very typically Bailey & Lowe carved scrollwork trailboard on LAPWING is a board screwed on rather than being carved into the top strake. Very unusual. Must compare it with her launching photos.


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