Dionysus (Paulmarkson)







Dionysus (Paulmarkson)

Todays WW story is sobering viewing, it records the fate of Dionysus, the Percy Vos built motor sailer, that went ashore at Oakura in July 2014.
I understand she was left unattended on anchor and the weather turned nasty overnight and the owners could not get out to her. Details & photos from Cameron Pollard.
She was extensively damaged with her decks and bulkheads popped. The decision was made instantly by insurance and council to remove the wreck asap.
Cameron reports that her Gardner engine was taken away after its salt water washing and has since been saved and is destined for a new home in a very nice fishing boat conversion.
Her rigs and tailshaft etc were dragged into a paddock and anything still intact was left with it .
Lots of vehicles on the beach in the photos – in fact the beach is actually a designated road.

17 thoughts on “Dionysus (Paulmarkson)

  1. Do any of the Woody’s know where I can get a copy of the plans and scantlings for Paulmarkson? Built by Percy Vos but I understand her lines were drawn by someone else at the Vos yard.


  2. Athena didnt have the entire starb side of engine room smashed into the side of the engine.
    Look at the broken air inlet horn on the engine. That came from the saloon floor collapsing into engine room. I have more pictures showing where the cabin is lifting off the deck. But there is no point showing more misery.
    Total marine services were contacted to bring a crane barge up from Auckland. As the manager said, by the time weather calmed down so they could tow north there would be nothing left but a wreck.


  3. i still maintain she could have been saved, there has been boats in worse condition than that salvaged, look at Athena fell off the rocks at hide tide and drifted under water around the gulf, found by Lady Margaret and salvaged,dionysis ?????????????


  4. Jaysuzz that was drastic! Surely could have been towed back off the beach?
    As you described Alan her decks and bulkheads popped! Being a Percy Vos build you would think it might have held together better than that. Must have been a pounding surf!


  5. Ahh…. thank you Cameron for clearing that up. It’s a pity the Accessor didn’t pop round to Lawrence’s Estate to demonstrate what the problem was. It would have been enlightening and no one would have been left in any doubt.


  6. Another one bits the dust!
    Oakura is a surf beach SW of New Plymouth, (Taranaki District Council) not Northland so can someone please confirm where this tragedy actually happened?


  7. Most of her fittings were saved except what was stolen overnight. Even the epirb was pinched.
    She was on a remote graval beach. No cranes or barges could get near her. Plus the tide waits for nobody !!
    Northland regional council said get it off the beach immediately.
    Engine was removed only way possible and even it was heading to scrap. There were many watchers at the time saying to save her. Sadly she was unsavable.


  8. what a disgusting way to salvage her (vandalism) she should have had more respect than that, should have been a more orderly organized demolition than that, she could have been dismantled with professional’s and a lot of equipment and fittings could have been salvaged properly including the removal of the engine,


  9. In he early 70s i took her around Pacific for 3 months under new owner Mossman she was a very lovely boat she was named after the previous owners children Mark Paul and Sonya


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