1953 Jorgensen Mystery Launch


Earlier in the year todays classic 30’ woody launch made an appearance on tme. We do not know much about her but she built by Jorgensen in 1953 using carvel kahikatea.

Powered by an 80hp Ford, she has a beam of 7’11” and draws 3’11” – and that is all we know. Given the level of presentation she looks to be a recent recipient of some serious TLC.

If anyone (or her new owner) can update us more on the launch that would be great.

Input ex Geoff Bagnall – Most likely named Sea Princess and used call Milford Creek home.

2 thoughts on “1953 Jorgensen Mystery Launch

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  2. Presumably not “Pop” Jorgensen or Jorgensen & Sons of Waikawa? They didn’t start until the 60s.


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