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The launch Parma hasn’t made an appearance on WW, other than a small cameo appearance, mainly because many moons ago, back in the heady days of the CYA forum, I got my hand slipped for saying that Parma held the record for the longest appearance on trademe :-). While life moves on, my skin is thicker and I suspect she is / was in new ownership.

I note in her current trademe listing the question is asked about previous ‘rot’ issues which we are told have been righted, so today Parma finally gets a chance to shine on WW.

What do we know about her? – she was built in 1958 by Brin Wilson, carvel planked, measures a tad over 34’ and is powered by a 1970, 6 cyl. Ford (Fordson 2700 series) 40hp diesel engine.
She appears to be presented in good order and is well fitted out. Owner must have a taste for Heineken 🙂

UPDATE 07-07-2022 Parma had again been 4sale for an extended period of time and had reverted to ‘live-aboard’ status at Bayswater marina – please to be able to advise that she appears to have been sold and received some TLC – new paint job.

6 thoughts on “Parma

  1. hi Parma was built for and owned by the Anstiss family in Devonport Me Anstis worked for GGH so nturally was fitted with a Cat D2 4 cyl diesel 32 BHP the engine had a petrol 2 cyl donkey starting engine clutched to the diesel and could be started with a pull cord .She was sold to Dave MILLS who refastened her and fitted the D series 6cyl ford at 120 hp later sold after some 20 years of gulf cruising Great solid Brin Wilson boat sad to see her so unwell Warren MILLS


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  4. Thats one very rare one off 6cyl ford.
    40 hp and 254 cubic inch ?
    Must have shrunk a bit from when i worked on it some years ago.😁
    Either one of the local westpark “experts” or “mister google” have their wires a tad crossed.


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