Georgene 1927



On a recent trip to the top of the South Island woody Nathan Herbert snapped a photo of the 1927 launch, Georgene, seen here hauled out at Waikawa Marina. 

From the b/w press clipping of her launch day at Queen’s Wharf, we know that she was built by C. Gouk & her 1st owner was a G. Tanner – anyone able to shed some light on what she has been up over the years? She appears to be remarkably original.

BMW D7 Marine Engine – Help Wanted

Any woodys have a BMW D7 (any condition) or even parts for one tucked away in the shed? A good woody friend has a D7 that is in need of some serious TLC. So, if you or you know of anyone that has old one or any parts lying around – drop me a note in the comments section or email

p.s. photo below, but she isn’t as shiny as this one 😉


3 thoughts on “Georgene

  1. Oh, and while talking about her with Neil Lineham, I recalled that she was always well kept. Looks like she still is.


  2. She was sometimes known as GEORGENE T. She disappears from Auckland c1934 at the time when Norman Parker sold QUEEN CHARLOTTE to G.F. Bothamley of Wellington.


  3. When I first knew her she was owned by Norman Parker, (who had Queen Charlotte builr by Ernie Lane), and later by Austin Andrews, in the late 60s/early 70s.


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