Georgene 1927



On a recent trip to the top of the South Island woody Nathan Herbert snapped a photo of the 1927 launch, Georgene, seen here hauled out at Waikawa Marina. 

From the b/w press clipping of her launch day at Queen’s Wharf, we know that she was built by C. Gouk & her 1st owner was a G. Tanner – anyone able to shed some light on what she has been up over the years? She appears to be remarkably original.

BMW D7 Marine Engine – Help Wanted

Any woodys have a BMW D7 (any condition) or even parts for one tucked away in the shed? A good woody friend has a D7 that is in need of some serious TLC. So, if you or you know of anyone that has old one or any parts lying around – drop me a note in the comments section or email

p.s. photo below, but she isn’t as shiny as this one 😉