Woody Classic Gatherings

Time to get the pencil out and circle a few dates in the calendar. Our 2022 > 2023 classic woody events focus equally on the boats and the people – its all about getting off the marina and meeting up with like minded people.
As always, some dates may change and the weather is always a factor – but as the dates approach we will be in touch with more details.

Please feel free to share the calendar with your classic friendly boating enthusiasts. Where tide and draft permits – woody cruising yachts are always welcome to join in, so also share with the stick and rag woodys 🙂

AND TO ENSURE YOU GET A WOODY FIX TODAY – CLICK THE LINK BELOW  Video footage from the 2022 Moreton Bay Classic (thank you Andrew Christie)

Workboat Wednesday + Garage Sale

Starlight 1984 @ Woody Bay Rakino Island


I was sent the above photo by Gary Stanborough whose family owned the 32’ Des Townson designed and built yacht Starlight from 1978 to 2016, so any other namesake boats would always catch our attention.

Gary took the photo in 1984 in Woody Bay, Rakino Island but knows nothing of the history of this salty looking old timer. She’s tied alongside another fishing boat. Does anyone know of her past or what’s become of her? Reg # is AK14333.

A great example of the amazing work the Rakino Island residents have been doing on the planting front. 


One of our followers is using the enforced lock-down to clean out a home workshop.There are a few bits and pieces up for grabs and a project boat that never got finished, but it’s very close to being done though. It looks to be around 14ft, and a sailing and rowing skiff. Design is called a Phoenix 3. Comes with a rig and centre board but not the trailer. Offers around $500 will see the boat oft a new owner.Plus a woodworkers tool cabinet & a few misc. tools
Drop me an email if you are interested waitematawoodys@waitematawoodys

Woody Summer Boating Cruise

Rakino Island (West Bay on left – Woody Bay on right)
Raindance & Morgana

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ON RAKINO ISLAND – click to play – the singer, Jennie Cruse is Auckland based and available for hire – 021 266 4330

Windhaven II
Raindance @ Garden Cove

GARDEN COVE – 360 deg Video – click to play

The WW story today is a photo gallery from the 2020/21 holiday period cruise on Raindance, the photos are not always that sharp, it was more like “look there’s one” and I would grab the camera and snap a photo. Click on the smaller photos to enlarge 😉

We mostly mooched around Waiheke and Rakino Islands – had 11 great days afloat, a little blowie at times but tucking away in the right spot with a good book was just what the doctor ordered. Only had 2 hours rain on one day, so can not complain. General observation was that it was quiet in most of the bays. I understand Great Barrier Island was very popular.As always there are a few food pix to break things up. The discovery of a pop-up pizzeria in Woody Bay, Rakino was the culinary highlight of the cruise 🙂

Thanks to help from several woodys sending in photos, we were able to continue the WW stories everyday over the holiday period and the viewing / reading numbers were strong thru-out. I think that one of the few positives from CV-19 is that a lot more people have either upgraded their digital devices or are now more tech savvy and are on-line more often.

Enjoy the photos – the next big woody event will be the Auckland Anniversary long weekend at Mahurangi.

Surprise and Delight on Rakino Island

Surprise and Delight on Rakino Island
On Wednesday afternoon we made the call to remain in Woody Bay, Rakino Island, even though the forecast was for a swing to the SW, well that happened but it did luckily die off later in the evening. Our weather call was rewarded when we went ashore late avo to take the dog for a pee – we spotted a sign that promoted a pop-up pizza shack, just up from the beach. For the overseas WW readers – Rakino is off the grid e.g. no power, water, sewage, no shops etc and a very irregular ferry – sometimes only once a week. Situated in the Hauraki Gulf.

We decided to give the steaks to the dog and went ashore at 6pm. The place was humming, not many boat people (given the weather) but the locals were out in force. Which is always a good sign. The surprise was discovering the place – the delight was the pizzas were a 9/10 and there was a live soloist entertaining the crowd – lots of Nancy Sinatra songs, so an instant hit with me 🙂 See video below. The singer, Jennie Cruse is Auckland based and available for hire – 021 266 4330

Its open daily until Jan 24th and then from Jan 25 > April 5th its – Fri/Sat/Sun. So woodys if you are at Rakino or are looking for a great location to cruise to – check out the ‘Woody Bay Pizzeria’. I can see a potential – Woodys Classic Weekend Cruise on the horizon.
The ‘carpark’ is a hoot – no Audis or BMWs here 🙂

Man Sets Launch On Fire – Wairangi
I was sent the link below by my friend John Burland to a story by Tim Newman that surfaced on the STUFF website.  Sounds like a relationship that went west and one party sadly took revenge. Have a read. My question is – is the boat in the article – Wairangi, the same boat in this WW story? https://waitematawoodys.com/2016/10/10/22920/  I know the STUFF article says the boat was 7m long, but in the photos below it looks bigger than that. Any Southern woodys able to enlighten us?

Classic Wooden Boats on the Waitemata




Quo Vadis


Miss Helen




My Girl


waitematawoody poster boy



Pleasure Lady

Last weekend we decided to slipped away to Rakino Island, and in an almost unheard of event, we departed early and dropped the anchor in West Bay at 9.30am.
On route and in and around the Island we spotted a healthy collection of woodys. Some familiar faces and some newbies. Scroll over photos for captions
The sunset on Saturday night was a stunner. When I popped the head out of the hatch on Sunday morning, I did a double take – a very large cruise ship was sliding down the Rakino Channel, spotted again later in the day off Waiheke Island.
Enjoy the photos – can anyone tell us more about the launches – Asereht, Bon Voyage, Poco Lento ?
Input from Geoff Bagnall – Asereht was built by himself and Bon Voyage by Dave Jackson.
Mahurangi Regatta Classic Launch Parade (meeting at 10.15am off Scotts Landing – parade will be in alpha order)
Most likely mooching around Kawau Island area

Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta – Classic Launch Race

Easter Cruise

Easter Cruise
We have just been gifted with one of the best Easter weekends in a long time & even the water temp was good.
We headed out on Raindance on Friday morning & headed for Rakino Island / northern end of Motutapu Island.
Spotted a few classics at anchor in Waikalabubu Bay

Compass Rose


While having a few sundowners on the 1946 Lidgard launch Monterey owned by Sue & Mark Edmonds, this sail & oar boat slipped past, dropped anchor & then up popped a wee boom tent. Come morning they were away to their next destination – seems wooden boats & young love go well together 😉

Snapped a few photos  – dusk at Waikalabubu Bay

Looking down at Woody Bay on Rakino Island

If I won Lotto, this would be mine – one of the best views of the outer gulf you will find.

An Oops
Now deep down I’m an honest bloke, so best I own up before someone drops me in (there are eyes everywhere).

On Saturday morning I decided to go for a nosey around Rakino Island, I was looking for Governor Grays first gulf residence, in Home Bay. I understand that its a smaller version of Mansion House, Kawau Island – his 2nd home. Rumour has it that Rakino was too close to Auckland for his ‘antics’ ???
Anyway back to me……….. I now have some new rules :
1. I’ll stop being nosey & stop gunk-holing in small bays
2. I’ll now always wear my glasses when reading charts
3. I’ll never trust the GPS 100%
4. I will trust Navionics on my iphone
5. I’ll remember that the depth sounder is only telling you what you have just passed over, not whats ahead.
6. I’ll always be nice to the owners of large alloy runabouts with big outboards

Yeap – I ran aground – big time e.g. bow out of the water. Story goes like this. Charts & GPS tells me there is a rock in the middle of Home Bay, yes I can see it. Now supposedly you can circle around it………… Well not these days………… Luckily only doing 3>3.5 knts but enough to drive Raindance up onto a bank/ramp that was a mix of sand, mud & loose rock + there was a falling tide……….. And no amount of shoving or reverse thrust would budge her . No cell coverage to call Monterey in the next bay………. Doing the – do I – do I not call Coast Guard (that would have been embarrassing) & then a kind, wonderful local bach owner appears on a kayak & he has a boat anchored near by……. 5 minutes later we pull her off. Went around to Woody Bay & slipped over the side – other than a 1/4 inch deep, foot long, scrape on the keel – all is good, so the only real damage is a severely bruised ego  🙂
Cant believe I didn’t take a photo but the truth is I was bricking myself 😦
Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.14.41 PM

Google Earth doesn’t lie 😉

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.16.15 PM