Manuia – Back On The Waitemata


Very happy to be able to confirm that – Manuia, the 32’, Joe Slattery designed and 1928 built launch has made the shift from the Bay of Islands and is now back in Auckland. 

Her new owners have classic woody blue blood in their veins so no-doubt over time she will be tickled up to the standard a Slattery launch deserves. Her last owner, sadly had declining health, so there is some deferred maintenance to address. 

A few years ago Manuia had a heart transplant and now sports a 100hp Yanmar 4JH3-HT6 that I’m sure pushes her along at a good clip.



Manuia – A Peek Down Below


The c.1928 Joe Slattery built 32’ launch – Manuia has made a couple of appearances on WW, link here to intel and photos on her past
Manuia recently popped up on tme (thanks Ian McDonald). At the hands of her present owner she has received an updated interior (but in keeping with her date of birth). Built from heart kauri, these days a 100hp Yanmar 4JH3-HT6 pushes her along at a good clip.

From the above photos Manuia appears to be very well appointed.

Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat 2021 Calendar Winner = Murray Deeble

Woody On Tour Up North




Woody on Tour

Ken Ricketts sent in the selection of photos above from a recent trip (car) up North to the Bay of Islands.
An eclectic mix of craft – some known, some not – we see Manuia in the Waitangi Inlet, Mana Rose hauled out on her owners Opua front lawn, the salty wee ship Weitox.
Anyone able to ID the unknown below?

Manuia – An Update

Manuia Oct2016

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.29.18 PM


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.32.10 PM



MANUIA – An Update

Recently I was enjoying a coffee at my local Devonport coffee shop, Cafe Santini, & I had on a ww t-shirt. I was approached by a gent, Ron Ackroyd, who commented that he used to own a launch similar to the one shown on the front of the ww t-shirt. Turns out Ron briefly owned the Joe Slattery launch Manuia. Ron offered to send me some details & photos – which he did. Then this week, current owner Tony Butcher sent me a magnificent photo of her taken in October 2016. As you will see not a lot has changed & we like that 🙂

Ron commented that he owned Maunia from May 1989 to November 1989 & bought it from Jack Nears. Ron had spent a lot of great times on the boat with Jack between 1977 and 1989 and he promised Ron first option when he got round to selling her. Jack became quite ill in 1988/89 and the boat was getting beyond him and in May 1989 he offered Manuia to Ron. Ron already had a H28 but bought Manuia planning to use her and then make a decision on which boat he wanted to keep. They used the boat and did a fair bit of  painting, varnishing and general maintenance before coming to the conclusion that sailing the H28 and enjoying the very active H28 club scene was more their thing.

Ron sold Manuia to Paul Jones in Nov 1989.  Included above are a couple of photos of Manuia taken just before Ron sold her & list of what Ron knew of her previous owners (view the link below to the previous ww story on Manuia & you’ll see that Ron’s list dovetails well with Harold Kidd’s records.

Also above is a copy of a survey done by John Gladden while Ron had her. You have to love the honesty & practical advice / opinion given by  John Gladden, there are some significant defects that have been highlighted but John Gladden still says “The vessel is generally in good condition and is well constructed, timber sizes and joinery are of good standards.” In today’s PC world a surveyor would have written the boat off or at least scared any purchaser away.

20-09-2017 Photo below ex Nathan Herbert ex (I assume) the NZ Herald archives. Show Manuia post launching, during her sea trials.




photos & details ex owner Tony Butcher

Manuia was built by Joe Slattery in 1930, according to Harold Kidd (but Tony has 1928 in his mind). Tony bought her in 2010 off Julian Richards, a retired boat builder of Bayswater, Auckland. Tony is a serious woody with an impressive past of classic ownership – Linda which he brought off John Salthouse & he also had 1/4 share in Lady Gay which was brought off Joe Wilson.
I note from the above photos that since buying buying Manuia Tony has done a lot to her, but thankfully for such a pretty launch, she still looks the same as when purchased. Tony told me he likes his home comforts & a good roast so an upgraded galley in the cockpit, water pressure system, main saloon table where on the list. Tony has also re-powered Manuia with a 100 hp Yanmar diesel and done all the brightwork inside.
Tony has been told Mr Henley senior (of Henley Prop’s) had her at some stage. Apart from this & the Richards ownership period Tony is light on her past & ownership details – so woodys can we peel back the layers?

Harold Kidd Input

MANUIA was indeed launched on 6th February 1930. She was built by Joe Slattery at Judges Bay for Sam Keen of Parnell.
Subsequent owners include Bill Alder c1950 (still with Kelvin), W.R. Croft (1966), Les Vercoe (1973), Jack Nears then Paul Jones of Whangaparaoa 1990. Paul died quite recently.
I make the assumption that Richards bought her from Paul. Paul was a stalwart of the Vintage Car Club with a fine Alvis TC21/100.
Alan might like to print the Auckland Star image? (he has 😉 AH)