Christopher Grey



Today’s photo should please the Work Boat woodys out there. It was taken by Nathan Herbert on a recent trip south to Dunedin & shows the Christopher Grey.

Keen to learn more about her past & when she came out of the closet & became a pleasure craft 😉

Update – photo below ex Russell Ward


Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 3.03.01 pm

Need To Tidy / Clean Out The Shed?

I have been contacted by Warner Bros NZ with an interseting request – read below J


Design Junkies is an exciting, upcoming, prime time television show that takes 6 Industrial Designers and challenges them to create usable household objects and breath-taking art installations from discarded materials. We are on the hunt for old marine salvage whether it’s wood, metal, rudders, masts or even an old clinker!  If you or someone you know, has a shed full of marine rubble that’s going to waste, we could be very interested in taking it off your hands. For any queries or expressions of interest, please contact Beth Eldercable on 027 8287 555.




10 thoughts on “Christopher Grey

  1. Yeah still has two of them leaking oil in the bilge.
    I remember having a look on bord while Roy Shingles was patching up the crappy wiring in Kudu engine room when I started my apprenticeship. Be interesting to know if he ever got paid in full !


  2. Christopher Grey worked as a charter boat from z pier in Westhaven for some years.
    Had a brand new 8lxb Gardner fitted to her prior to coming to auckland that seized a piston very early in it’s life in her. It was never repaired and was run for years like that. Clonked and banged from cold and fumed like a coal train.
    It finally gave up and we fitted another 8lxb to her. ( one of Julians ones that he had destined for KUDU but never did).


  3. I think the Christopher Grey served as a floating backpackers in Picton in the 2000s under the name of “Tramp the Track Boat”. She would take punters along the Queen Charlotte Track so they could sleep on board overnight and carry their gear by day.


  4. Built by Miller & Tunnage (who else?) at Port Chalmers; launched 27th July 1964; registered at Bluff as BF187 and BF8380.


  5. It’s a cunning plan actually plotted by WWers wives to con you into parting with your treasures! Do not make eye contact, nod, smile, back slowly away, and when at a safe distance run like f**** to your shed and barricade yourself in! 🙂


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