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Matira Kaiarara Bay 3

in trouble


Chatting recently on-line with Bryce Strong he mentioned his ownership of the 1956 Collings & Bell launch Matira, the lead photo was taken at Great Barrier Island & also shows Altair nearby, Bryce commented that the water was so still you have difficulty deciding which way the photo should be up.

Bryce kept her on the Clevedon River & at one stage there was a flood & Matira pulled out the front mooring pole, and swung around and collided with Altair, moored behind on the pontoon. Only held by a single stern rope which held her until Bryce could sort it.

Bryce sold Matira in 2009 to Steve Martin, a boat builder who carried out an extensive and immaculate refit in 2011, setting up Matira for another 30 years. Photos below of Steve’s work. There is an extensive documented history of the vessel here

Link below (blue) to a spec sheet of Matira from during Bryce’s ownership period.

Short spec updated version

Note – this shows her powered by twin 4 cyl.Ford 75hp engines, in late November 2015 she was re-powered with twin 110hp Yanmar’s that while lifting her performance, significantly reduced the running noise. Her owner Guy Warman commented to me post her re-launch sea trial, that that alone was worth the cost 🙂 Matira is a lucky lady to have been so well loved & cared for over the years.

M 2




6 thoughts on “Matira

  1. I see the old Fords did not counter rotate, — they will find her much more manoeuvrable now if the new Yanmars are both turning out, & counter rotating. KEN R


  2. I recall doing a line fishing trip out to the Knights on her in the sixties with Fred or one of the Goings -the Fords were not totally silent.


  3. Great looking boat still in its original format.
    Did a few diving trips with Fred Cotterill to the Poor Knights from Tutukaka.
    The most memorable was when the steering packed up about hour out of Tutukaka.
    Fred gets out a rope and a bucket and we used that to steer Matira back into its berth.


  4. Absolutely stunningly beautiful, & of course also totally original — even to the varnish. — Would love to be young enough to own her myself — KEN R


  5. Always a beautiful boat. So much style back then and even now. Is she really Collings and Bell? Surprises me -I’d always assumed she was Lanes. Wonder who laid her out. Well done that man!!! Makura and her sister bridgedeckers were about the only good lookers from C & B of that era. Yeah, Yanmars are good engines…..


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