Donald Sutherland

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The Collings & Bell launch Donald Sutherland is seen in the above photo on her launch day in January 1936.
Harold Kidd advised previously that DS was very similar to the C&B launch Miss Picton (later named Mitre Peek) that was launch early(07/12/1933).
Do we know what became of Donald Sutherland and is she still afloat?
In my eyes –  rather a pretty boat, but did Collings & Bell ever build an ugly one? 🙂
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Miss Picton > Mitre Peak

Miss Picton > Mitre Peak
photos ex Charles Collings / Bill Wilson Collection via Ron Wattam

The above photo was sent to me by Ron Wattam whose wife’s grandfather was Charles Collings. Given this we can assume that the launch above is most likely a Collings & Bell, so the question is, can anyone name her & the year of build / launch. And if that happens, where is she today?

Harold Kidd Update

MISS PICTON launched 7/12/1933 for Captain M Steele of Picton. Later MITRE PEAK.
She was very similar to DONALD SUTHERLAND launched in January 1936. MISS PICTON was built to replace TINOPAI which C&B built for Steele in November 1932 but which was destroyed by fire when only a moth old. They were identical but TINOPAI was painted a dark colour, not white like MISS PICTON.

Update 31-09-2019 photo below ex Len Redwood’s fb

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