Donald Sutherland

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The Collings & Bell launch Donald Sutherland is seen in the above photo on her launch day in January 1936.
Harold Kidd advised previously that DS was very similar to the C&B launch Miss Picton (later named Mitre Peek) that was launch early(07/12/1933).
Do we know what became of Donald Sutherland and is she still afloat?
In my eyes –  rather a pretty boat, but did Collings & Bell ever build an ugly one? 🙂
WCW Riverhead2019

2 thoughts on “Donald Sutherland

  1. Hi there,sharing a little excitement on finding these photos! When my brother and I were reminiscing of our younger childhood years of our life at sea.Living with our family of six and our tabby cat named Sailor around Stewart Island.Our home then was the ‘Sea Hawk’ To find these old photos and see her in her glory days as the ‘Donald Southerland’ was awesome.Talking of the ‘Sea Hawk’ wanted to know what the sister ship looked like.The ‘Mitre Peak’ so is how we stumbled upon these classic photos. My Dad brought the then ‘Donald Southerland’ in Whanganui and did her up on the slip way.Naming her the ‘Sea Hawk’ where I lived the next 3 1/2 yrs on the sea.Me 5 till almost 9 years old.Mixed emotions of a child’s mind.What a strong character my father (Mike) was.To keep his family safe at all times in a life so different from most,in the 1970’s.My mother (Jan) to follow her husband with and idea,a dream to live on the sea.
    Thank you for these magical photos,stirring up more treasured memories.Much Appreciated Judy Clark 🙂


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