Woody Classics Weekend Riverhead Trip Report






Woody Classics Weekend Riverhead Trip Report

We had 23 classic launches confirm for Sundays Riverhead cruise but folks I can report that the weather at times was a little evil. Not too bad for the big girls but the sub 30’ crowd were rocking & rolling. Lots of white water over the top. But it was only for a short time, after Herald Island things improved 🙂
On the day, 15 launches travelled to the Riverhead Tavern and had a ball, neat people , stunning boats, lots of good chat. Big ups to those that came by car to join the gathering, nice gesture.
Now – confession time – on the email I to sent the skippers that had RSVP’ed I gave everyone a big wind up about behaving e.g. Indian File, follow the leader, no over taking etc etc and bugger me – Raindance went aground. Last bend before the hotel & I’m up on deck laying out the lines & fenders and  the ‘duty’ skipper puts us in the mud. No amount of forward / reverse would move her. Thank goodness for my boatbuilder Geoff Bagnall and his wife Theresa on board Achillies, who came to our aid and pulled us off. Not before 1/2 the fleet passed us – very embarrassed. Hopefully the oops cleaned off some Baywater sludge. But I was not alone………. 2 others parked up as well 😉
Not a great day for photos, overcast and drizzle but the sun shone thru at the important times 🙂
Remember to put a big circle in your diary for the weekend of 19/20th of October for the next Woodys Classics Weekend. Its a picnic cruise to Still Water motor camp – Master of ceremonies / Officer of the day / Rear commodore / Chief Poo-bar / Mark Edmonds (who like titles) is finalising dates and details but there could be a band, classic cars / motorbikes and vehicle access for the boat less Woodys – more details soon.
Special thanks to Brendon Gardiner, Margo Hudson, Jason Prew and Alan Houghton for the photos.
Photos below from Michelle Maitland onboard Cleone



And more ex David Plummer and Geoff Steven



B/W photo below ex Mike Mahoney

WCW Riverhead ex McH

Great view of Jason Prew’s – My Girl below. taken by Angus Rogers. Really shows off her lines, no wonder she is so quick 😉

My Girl @ Riverhead Sept2019

9 thoughts on “Woody Classics Weekend Riverhead Trip Report

  1. I wish I’d gotten some pics of wee Waikiore surfing on our wake just off Island Bay, Good to see Murray with the boot in 🙂 Fantastic outing, go Woodys 😛


  2. Nice to meet you yesterday Mr. HOUGHTON. Congratulations on the great work you carry out on behalf of the “Classics“. Quite taken by the number of people who come by car to observe and admire those great boats – including me & son Campbell (Briso) “ Trinidad“,“ Arohanui“ and “Lady Clossley“ looked stunning, not to mention that great job Jason PREW did on“ My Girl“.
    “Raindance“ looked right at home as well Allan. Love your daily column. Trust “Lady Clossley“
    got off the mud?
    Regards: Murray MORRISSEY


  3. With all the extra traffic going up the creek to riverhead now, maybe the CYA should write to the harbourmaster and push for channel markers to be installed..

    Hi Paul
    That is a good idea BUT – then more people would use the creek, which would mean less opportunities to anchor there. A bit selfish but I’ll take any opportunity I can to keep the jet-skis snd plastic boat people away 🙂
    FYI , the cruise was not a CYA (Classic Yacht Association) event.
    Alan H


  4. Nice to see some ex commercial fishing launches of the 1970’s Taumuri, and the other little Roy Parris type launch built by the late Paul Burgess (Ex P Vos Ltd) Both these boats fished out of Whitianga. Taumuri’s owner Tom Williams would have been one of the best ever long line men in the Auckland region.Be nice to see their fishing registrations on them just to tell a little of their past.
    Looks like you had a great day.


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