Ma Cherie



Ma Cherie (Adi Cherie)

Ma Cherie was built by the Lane Motor Boat Co in 1962 for L.G. Foster of 4 Awatere Road, Hamilton. She measured 50’/14’6″/4′ and was powered with twin Ford 6 cylinder diesels. Her name was changed to Adi Kuila but owner Markham Thomson has done the right thing & gone back to the original.
You can find more details & photos on her past here

Ma Cherie has just seen a major re-fit that included fiberglassed topsides, rot removed / rebuilt, rewired, starting/charging system upgraded, new interior, engines head jobs & new water tanks. She is looking very smart, in fact she even gets away with the hothouse up top, just the right height.
Details ex Harold Kidd.

4 thoughts on “Ma Cherie

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  2. Absolutely beautiful, perfect balance & symmetry in her lines, (except for the “hothouse” on top, perhaps), but that can be removed probably, in a few minutes.
    It’s also great to have her “back home,” for us all to enjoy.
    Surely Lane Motor Boat Co could never have built a more perfect boat & really great to see her back to her original name, (the way it should be, in my view). KEN R


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