A Woody Quiz

A Woody Quiz 

Haven’t had a quiz in a while so, all correct answers, via email to waitematawoodys@gmail.com go into the draw for one of the new WW summer caps.

Questions below – one correct answer = one chance in the draw – get all three correct = three chances. Tell us what colour cap you would prefer.

1. Name the boat

2. Who owned it at the time

3. Where was it off to with all those tins of fuel aboard


Correct answers were Frangipani / Zane Grey / Off to Tahiti via Rarotonga

MYSTERY LAUNCH QUIZ – Win A WW Long Sleeve T-Shirt

MYSTERY LAUNCH QUIZ – Win A WW Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Todays story / quiz is a doozy – maybe a woody will go – thats easy I know that boat, but it had myself and one of the WW guru’s stumped.All I can tell you is the photo was taken in Nelson, a couple of years ago. I have a b/w launching photo, so even if you do not know the boat – check back later to see the b/w photo – you will be very surprized 😉 Email entries to waitematawoodys@gmail.com (photo ex Nathan Herbert)

The prize to the first correct answer, emailed in after 9am 21-05-2021 (sorry KR – not everyone keeps vampire hours) gets a long sleeve WW organic cotton t-shirt. Normally reserved for F&F – (family and friends) – they are great to wear.If you are one of the many female woodys – you can swap it for the ‘Brooklyn t’ another F&F shirt (thats George Cloonys Lake Como house in the background 🙂

We Have a Winner

Mark McLaughin ID’ed the launch correctly as Hinemoana, built by Sam Ford, Also known as Princess for a short period. B/W photo below also ex Nathan Herbert

Mystery Launch Quiz – Cyrena

Yesterday we probably exceeded the volume of varnished wood allowed in a single wooden boat with the Arohanui story 🙂 so today we revert to an old black and white photo sent in by Paul Drake.

19-03-2021 Harold Kidd Input –

CYRENA was commissioned from Dick Lang by Peter Smith whose business as a marine engineer and the local agent for Alpha marine engines was next door in St Mary’s Bay. Dick built a lot of launches for Smith but his name was always secondary to Smith’s in the publicity. At this point Dick was about to take one of his many walkabouts, this time to Sydney, so CYRENA was completed by Sam Ford who had leased or somehow acquired his business. She was fitted with a big 25hp Alpha engine. I think Alpha were made in Denmark, but will check.
The hull was completed in August 1923 and the engine fitted in early November (when the engine got off the ship, I think). Smith sold her to the Manukau in November 1924. Gordon Ferner “Boy” Bellve bought her in January 1926 and brought her back to the Waitemata.
Boy sold her to A.M. White of Ngatapa, Gisborne and he had her trucked to Lake Waikaremoana in October 1938 as MARITZA.

So let’s keep it simple – what’s the name of boat and who built her and when ? Entries  via email only to waitematawoodys@gmail.com – Closes and drawn around 8pm 16-03-2021. If more than one person gets the right answers, there will be a draw. I do not know the answer, so I’ll be relying on Mr Kidd and Mr. Herbert to help me out 🙂

Prize? – let’s make it a goody – a copy of the book – ‘Des Townson – A Sailing Legacy’ by Brian Peet.

The Big Woody Quiz – Lots of Prizes

The Big Woody Quiz
Todays story is really a quiz, it won’t be easy, they are three parts to the answer. If anyone gets all three right I’ll be very impressed, in fact entries will be weighted by the number of questions you get right e.g. one correct question = one entry, two = two etc. Entries are ONLY via email to waitematawoodys@gmail  I’ll let it run until 7pm Monday 1st Feb 2021 – lots of time to do some homework. 

The winner of the draw will get – WW t-shirt, WW cap, Off Centre Harbor cap, Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat 2021 Calendar. Now if no one gets even one answer right – all entries will go into the draw – so its worth entering 😉

1.       Name the make of engine and hp

2.       Who were the agents for the engine

3.       Which boat was it fitted to and when

ID THE ENGINE QUIZ – The correct answers were

MAKE & HP: Stearns MDR 125hp

AGENTS: H. O. Wiles

BOAT FITTED TO & WHEN: Romance II – 1925
No one got all the answers correct – but Jason Prew and Nathan Herbert were tied at 3 correct elements (but not the same) so its a tie – they can decide what bits of the prize pool they each want 🙂