The Big Woody Quiz – Lots of Prizes

The Big Woody Quiz
Todays story is really a quiz, it won’t be easy, they are three parts to the answer. If anyone gets all three right I’ll be very impressed, in fact entries will be weighted by the number of questions you get right e.g. one correct question = one entry, two = two etc. Entries are ONLY via email to waitematawoodys@gmail  I’ll let it run until 7pm Monday 1st Feb 2021 – lots of time to do some homework. 

The winner of the draw will get – WW t-shirt, WW cap, Off Centre Harbor cap, Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat 2021 Calendar. Now if no one gets even one answer right – all entries will go into the draw – so its worth entering 😉

1.       Name the make of engine and hp

2.       Who were the agents for the engine

3.       Which boat was it fitted to and when

ID THE ENGINE QUIZ – The correct answers were

MAKE & HP: Stearns MDR 125hp

AGENTS: H. O. Wiles

BOAT FITTED TO & WHEN: Romance II – 1925
No one got all the answers correct – but Jason Prew and Nathan Herbert were tied at 3 correct elements (but not the same) so its a tie – they can decide what bits of the prize pool they each want 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Big Woody Quiz – Lots of Prizes

  1. Great job on the Sepia tint of the Pollards preparing their race launch for this weekends anniversary day race!


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