A Woody Quiz

A Woody Quiz 

Haven’t had a quiz in a while so, all correct answers, via email to waitematawoodys@gmail.com go into the draw for one of the new WW summer caps.

Questions below – one correct answer = one chance in the draw – get all three correct = three chances. Tell us what colour cap you would prefer.

1. Name the boat

2. Who owned it at the time

3. Where was it off to with all those tins of fuel aboard


Correct answers were Frangipani / Zane Grey / Off to Tahiti via Rarotonga

Milford Creek 1960’s – Can You ID A Boat

Milford Creek 1960’s – ID The Boats & Go In The Draw To Win

Today’s photo comes to us from Glenn Martin and shows the Milford Creek c.1960’s. An eye-opener to see the degree of mangroves and ‘mud’ that must have been removed to make the expended marina that is there today. Can’t see anyone getting resource consent for that these days 🙂


Seeing most of us are in covid lock down, could be a good time for a quiz – I’ll keep it simple and give everyone a chance to win. All you have to do is correctly name the launches that are circled in orange (click top photo to enlarge) – each correct entry equals one chance in the draw eg if you can only ID one boat, that is one chance. ID 3 , that is 3 chances etc. Winner gets a WW bucket hat – have gone with army (karki) green this year. Entry closes at 8pm 20-08-2021. ENTRY VIA EMAIL ONLY to waitematawoodys@gmail.com

Lidgard 1/2 Models – Help Needed

1/2 model #1
1/2 Model #2

LIDGARD 1/2 MODELS – Help Needed
Saturdays story on the 48’ Lidgard launch – Ngaro, link below, promoted Donna Lewis to contact WW re three 1/2 models that she purchased from a garage sale on Kawau Island, when she and husband Norm were living at Schoolhouse Bay. At the time she was told all three were Lidgard vessels. The painted one is obviously Ngaro, the writing on the back, supporting this.

 Donna and Norm live in Australian the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and took the models with them, hopefully one day they will find their way home to NZ.

NGARO WW STORY https://waitematawoodys.com/2021/06/25/ngaro-a-sneak-peek-before-she-sells/

The challenge is that Donna doesn’t know which launches the other two models ‘belong’ too, so woodys – big ask today. Maybe an ex Lidgard worker can suggest suitable candidates. Or maybe one of the more talented WW readers recognizes something in the 1/2 model that is specific to a particular Lidgard design. 

I suppose I should put a reward to the woody that provides the most credible suggestion. So a WW cap is on offer. For once, let’s do entries / suggestions via the WW comments section. I think the answers will be via a collaborative approach. 

12-03-2022 UPDATE The models have arrived back in NZ from Australia, thank you – Donna Lewis, obviously the painted one at the bottom is Ngaro, there was comment on WW that the other two would be



Are we able to confirm the likelihood of this provenance and if so can anyone supply contact details of the current owners ?