A Woody Quiz

A Woody Quiz 

Haven’t had a quiz in a while so, all correct answers, via email to waitematawoodys@gmail.com go into the draw for one of the new WW summer caps.

Questions below – one correct answer = one chance in the draw – get all three correct = three chances. Tell us what colour cap you would prefer.

1. Name the boat

2. Who owned it at the time

3. Where was it off to with all those tins of fuel aboard


Correct answers were Frangipani / Zane Grey / Off to Tahiti via Rarotonga

3 thoughts on “A Woody Quiz

  1. I have a substantial dossier on her & that trip, but only I put more or less what was asked for in my plug for the prize. — They were all smokers & the petrol tins developed a petrol leak just out of Auckland & she filled with petrol fumes so they could not have a cigarette for over 5 days, so were all gasping for breath, when they got to Rarotonga. — KEN R


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