WW has been contacted by the owner of the launch – Mahere, seen above. They are very light on information and history, so today we are asking for help in regard to design / builder / when built / past owners etc.

Mahere is powered by a 120hp Ford Trader diesel, see photo – very impressive exhaust ‘plumbing’.

Current home is Whakatakataka Bay, Auckland  – otherwise known as the OBC basin 🙂

Yesterdays Quiz Winner  – The lucky winner of a WW cap was Dave Stanaway – lots of entries in the draw but few got three tickets in the draw i.e. three correct answers – being Frangipani / Zane Grey / Off to Tahiti via Rarotonga

The skippers that had RSVP’ed have been contacted but FYI – the weekends Woody Cruise to Clevedon has been postponed – slightly evil forecast – new date tba

2 thoughts on “Mahere

  1. Have to agree with Kenneth here, definitely a shipbuilders hull, and his ageing sounds about right too.


  2. This is another of the Shipbuilders Ltd Kitset, double, (or sometimes triple), skin, glued screwed opposite diagonal Kauri boats I spoke of in another recent post, all built by Shipbuilders, wholly, or partially, or completely from a kitset by or for, the original owners, — perhaps with help from friends All built c1960 to 1966.
    This one looks about 32/34 feet in this case.
    The coamings look to me as if they were owner designed, & probably owner built. They are not a Shipbuilders design I recognise. — KEN R


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