Albatross V – sold for $7,100

ALBATROSS V – sold for $7,100

Early this week the 64’ Miller & Tunnage built ex tug / workboat – Albatross V was sold on tme – sure it was ‘as-is-where-is’ and had suffered some water ingress, but seriously $7000 !

Built with 2.5” kauri – the timber alone would give you a return on your spend – check out the specs:

•Length: 19.64m • Beam: 5.7m •Hull: Timber (Kauri) 2.5” • Decks: Timber •Main Engine: Lister blackstone 600hp @ 800 rpm • Gearbox: MWD, 5:1 reduction • Auxiliary engine: Perkins 4 cylinder, 25 KVA Genset • Speed: Cruise 8-9 Knots, Max 10 knots • Accommodation: 12 berths

Can someone let us know if she went to a good home and what the intentions are?

9 thoughts on “Albatross V – sold for $7,100

  1. Unreal that boat was dirt cheap .when is the next auction of boats how do I find out .


  2. I’m with Tom and a mission it maybe a lot is just elbow grease and a lick of spit and as a retired diesel mechanic we have the skills so don’t be negative volunteer to help no skills needed just a bit of hard yaka on something worth saving like backpacker stays in a cool place free. Talk to Tom if keen I’m sure it will be an experience of a lifetime.


  3. Perfect oppourtnity to sit the boat on land, strip the engines out, remove the keel, if keels is lead , the buy price is covered transport to a cradle n cut the bottom out to sit flat on a foundation then fit out below decks for full time living


  4. Just flashing up that engine room is an exercise in itself, it’s not as if you step aboard and press a button. A lot of work just to go for a morning drive.


  5. Hikurangi resides in here in Dunedin and has for some years now. She has an owner who appreciates her but hasn,t moved far for a few years now. I suspect that keeping up with the maintenance is his largest problem and that a reasonable offer would solve his problems for him.


  6. Agree Cameron. Was on TM before the beaching at about 125 with no takers. Fixing water damage incl motor, gearbox , probably a heap of wiring, and there is an auxiliary motor in there some where plus whatever else got wet, plus hull work makes the exercise totally uneconomic. I was surprised they got that much.


  7. $7099 of headaches right there.
    She will most likely re appear on trademe if the buyer actually goes and looks what he’s bid on.
    That Blackstone ain’t gunna run anytime soon.


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