OMG – How did this happen

OMG – How did this happen

A woody mooching around the gulf over the weekend spotted the above craft at Scotts Landing, Mahurangi.

Can somebody explain how it all works , if in fact it does work.

And just to remind you what a boat should look like – the 1910 HN Burgess built launch – Florence, at anchor in West Bay, Rakino Island.

4 thoughts on “OMG – How did this happen

  1. That’s a lot to digest. The Swath hull form has some great stability but quirky seakeepong characteristics. Reminds me of Pilar Rossi – a 33m alucraft fast motor yacht that was morphed into a 64m sailing trimaran by the owner. One does wonder.


  2. A beauty she is not, but without having been on her I would guess if you could travel on semi submerged bulbs it would be quite a smooth trip in a choppy sea?
    Although it looks like the pipi digger is well out of the water….. but don’t know what happens truth be told.


  3. A real oddity! But the overall effect is quite workmanlike, if not very pretty. I’m (wild) guessing that the bulbs Alice mentions are some sort of SWATH arrangement – the bow one certainly looks as if it’s longer than the leg. Next wild theory, please :-()


  4. This boat is called 3 Fish and was previously moored at Town Reach in Tauranga Harbour. I heard from the surrounding boating community that this was designed and built by the owner. Each hull leg has a bulb (like the front of ships) at the base which acts as keel and ballast. Each bulb fills with water which lowers the boat for stable cruising, then empties to lift the hull out of the water. Whether this is correct information and if it works I do not know, but she made the trip to Mahurangi!


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