NGARO – A Sneak Peek Before She Sells (SOLD)

NGARO – A Sneak Peek Before She Sells

You would have to look long and hard to find a classic woody in as original condition and as highly presented as the 1953, 48’ Lidgard built launch Ngaro. Scroll down to the b/w press clippings below, showing her as launched. One well respected woody once said “Its one of the few boats that, in my opinion looks better with painted coamings than the original varnish”.

The Lidgard clan really aced it when they designed and built Ngaro – I do not think I have seen a more perfect bridgedecker and that flying bridge, which has been there since day one, scores a 10/10.

She is a very well built ship being triple skin kauri – 2 – 6’x1/2” diagonal planks and 1 – 6’x1” longitudinal plank, with 3” bronze rivets.Power comes from twin 1985, 120hp Ford diesels, both rebuilt in the last 3 years, including gearboxes. Professional bare wood anti-foul in 2020 and full repaint in late 2014 – she presents as new. The mix of painted surfaces and varnished trim is perfect. As always – click on photos to enlarge.

And guess what – Ngaro is for sale, but not for long…..
Enquiries to

If Ngaro is not you – click the link below to view a selection  from the oodles of classic woodys currently for sale 🙂

8 thoughts on “NGARO – A Sneak Peek Before She Sells (SOLD)

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  3. She was built in Lidgards boatbuilding shed in Smeltinghouse Bay at Kawau Island, which shed is still there today & she towed to Auckland to have her engines fitted & finishing work completed

    In 2013 John Lidgard advised that she was built at the Hamer St Yard. Alan H


  4. This beautiful craft belonged to my Great Uncle Horrie (Horace White). I can remember going out on her (or maybe a previous ‘Ngaro’) when I was a young girl and being so impressed I still can remember that day and I have looked for her ever since. So thank you for the post. Pat Goldstiver/Burkitt


  5. A real ship, though the engines seem to have lost 20 years since she was for sale in 2013 and 2014!


  6. I have known the NGARO since she was brand new from when Newmarket motorcycle dealer, & motorcycle racing driver Horry White, had Roy Lidgard build her, (originally with 2 x Austin Sk[pper 100 petrol engines), & then when later she went on to Laurie Woods, & I can tell you, that since she had her huge makeover, in a shed at Half Moon Bay, several years ago now, it made what was a really lovely, boat in to a truly magnificent boat.

    The Austins were replaced with 2 x 6cyl Lees Ford diesels after the Woods sold her.

    She looked absolutely amazingly stunning when she went back in the water, & far better than she did even when brand new.

    From recall the refit was done over about 1&1/2 to 2 years for one of the Cadman Family, who gave her, her huge make over.

    — KEN R (edited)


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