MYSTERY LAUNCH QUIZ – Win A WW Long Sleeve T-Shirt

MYSTERY LAUNCH QUIZ – Win A WW Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Todays story / quiz is a doozy – maybe a woody will go – thats easy I know that boat, but it had myself and one of the WW guru’s stumped.All I can tell you is the photo was taken in Nelson, a couple of years ago. I have a b/w launching photo, so even if you do not know the boat – check back later to see the b/w photo – you will be very surprized 😉 Email entries to (photo ex Nathan Herbert)

The prize to the first correct answer, emailed in after 9am 21-05-2021 (sorry KR – not everyone keeps vampire hours) gets a long sleeve WW organic cotton t-shirt. Normally reserved for F&F – (family and friends) – they are great to wear.If you are one of the many female woodys – you can swap it for the ‘Brooklyn t’ another F&F shirt (thats George Cloonys Lake Como house in the background 🙂

We Have a Winner

Mark McLaughin ID’ed the launch correctly as Hinemoana, built by Sam Ford, Also known as Princess for a short period. B/W photo below also ex Nathan Herbert

4 thoughts on “MYSTERY LAUNCH QUIZ – Win A WW Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  1. I just love looking at your posts looking forward to to it keep up the great work


  2. I can’t believe what they’ve done to her, she was so beautiful, & I certainly would never have recognised her. It makes e feel very sad.– KEN R


  3. Anyone got more details/ old photos? She looks like one of the more grand ones, pity to be a block of flats now.


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