Mystery Launch On The Tamaki River

Mystery Launch On The Tamaki River
I spotted the above launch a couple of weeks ago while mooching up the Tamaki River onboard Angus Roger’s launch – Centaurus . She looks very well cared for and well rugged up for winter. Can one of the river rats tell us the name and any known background on the launch?

Input from Mark McLaughlin = The mystery boat is ORA-KIA, designed and built by Snow Waters in 1963.

Also Up The River

Unless you were traveling by boat, you wouldn’t normally see the dry stack (I think its called something like – Tamaki Boat Park) on the banks of the upper Tamaki River. Appears to be well populated and anything that gets people towing boat trailers off the road during weekends gets my tick 🙂 And if you are wondering what happens to all the trailers – some boats are ordered new without one, but for those with trailers, there is a smaller staking system on-site for empty trailers

7 thoughts on “Mystery Launch On The Tamaki River

  1. Ora Kia is part of the Pascoe fleet, belongs to my cousin Kevin Pascoe. Extreemly well built boat.


  2. The mystery boat is ORA-KIA, designed and built by Snow Waters in 1963.

    Thank you Mark. Alan H 🙂


  3. Oh look……. you can see two flies doing the nasty on one of the outriggers…Nice camera your using lately.


  4. Hi Alan, pics of most of these latest ‘mystery boats’ are in the Tamaki River tour I did. Might have to get the dinghy out and clear a few up ?


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