Mystery Launch Quiz – Cyrena

Yesterday we probably exceeded the volume of varnished wood allowed in a single wooden boat with the Arohanui story 🙂 so today we revert to an old black and white photo sent in by Paul Drake.

19-03-2021 Harold Kidd Input –

CYRENA was commissioned from Dick Lang by Peter Smith whose business as a marine engineer and the local agent for Alpha marine engines was next door in St Mary’s Bay. Dick built a lot of launches for Smith but his name was always secondary to Smith’s in the publicity. At this point Dick was about to take one of his many walkabouts, this time to Sydney, so CYRENA was completed by Sam Ford who had leased or somehow acquired his business. She was fitted with a big 25hp Alpha engine. I think Alpha were made in Denmark, but will check.
The hull was completed in August 1923 and the engine fitted in early November (when the engine got off the ship, I think). Smith sold her to the Manukau in November 1924. Gordon Ferner “Boy” Bellve bought her in January 1926 and brought her back to the Waitemata.
Boy sold her to A.M. White of Ngatapa, Gisborne and he had her trucked to Lake Waikaremoana in October 1938 as MARITZA.

So let’s keep it simple – what’s the name of boat and who built her and when ? Entries  via email only to – Closes and drawn around 8pm 16-03-2021. If more than one person gets the right answers, there will be a draw. I do not know the answer, so I’ll be relying on Mr Kidd and Mr. Herbert to help me out 🙂

Prize? – let’s make it a goody – a copy of the book – ‘Des Townson – A Sailing Legacy’ by Brian Peet.


Woody Angus Rogers snapped the two photos above of the launch – Korawai, anchored in Te Kouma, Coromandel during the families cruise on their launch – Centaurus. Korawai changed ownership 6mths ago and that woodys is all I know about the very well presented launch.
Too pretty to be a mystery – so who can enlighten us?

Input from Colin Pawson – Owen Woolley design and build. Previously owned by Beau Farrell I think.

10-01-2021 Input from Barbara Cooke – Korowai was purchased by my cousin and her partner in 1983 and moored in Milford Marina. Owen Woolley designed, 36ft with a single Ford motor. During their tenure a second hatch was made in order that my cousin could see more readily, and as she put it, carry out her back seat driving in comfort! Korowai was sold in 1985 to a fellow in Howick who owned a paint company and kept at Half Moon Bay. Was initially called Korawai not Korowai. Not sure if that still stands? corrected

NZ Power Boat Association Cap Badge – Winner Lots of entries, some amusing, some very random – but of the ones that supplied the correct answer i.e. The cap badge of a commodore of the NZPBA – the lucky winner of a copy of Brian Peets book – ‘Des Townson – A Sailing Legacy’ was K Ricketts.

Pilot + Woody Quiz

Far North Mystery Workboat – PILOT
Woody Brett Stanaway has taken his launch Seabee to the Far North this summer, even ventured as far as rounding Cape Reigna. While in Hohora he spotted the above woody. Those rather substantial belting indicate she was / is a workboat. In my eyes, there is a certain whale chaser look to her.No name visible so we will have to rely on the WW workboat boys for help ID’ing her.

Most likely the last day afloat today – special thanks to those that sent in photos over the xmas/ny period. Keep them coming 

Input from Dean Wright – she is called PILOT and has been on WW before 🙂

WOODY QUIZ – WIN #1 Selling Book

All correct answers to the question below go into the draw for a copy of Brian Peet’s #1 selling book – Des Townson – A Sailing Legacy. Enter via email only to this address

Q – Identify the item in the photo below eg – what is it, who would have it and where would you see it? (Thanks to Harold Kidd for the photo)

Herne Bay Cruising Club + Help Needed ID’ing Some Woodys

Sloanes Beach Regatta and Centreboard Cup

If you are wondering where Sloanes Beach is – google it. It is one of Aucklands hidden gems in the suburb of Herne Bay. The regatta is very low key, almost secret hand shake low key. Each year I try and drop in and grab a few photos to help promote the club (Herne Bay Cruising Club)

I had a full dance card yesterday, so only stayed for the start of the ‘bigger’ boats race. A little overcast but as I was leaving the sun came out and the wind picked up.Spotted an original burgee from the Auckland Motorboat Club handing from the rafters – you do not see many of those around these days.

Mahurangi Cruising Club / Regatta Year Book

The perfect stocking stuffer – available now at Boatbooks in Westhaven (or on-line) + at usual outlets around Warkworth.

Looking For Something Bigger

Grab a copy of Brian Peets book – Des Townson – A Sailing Legacy. A must for every kiwi yachtie and even launch owners 🙂 Also available from Boatbooks or

WW Xmas Quiz Winners

Matthew Drake, Ken Goa, Simon Smith, Nick Voerman, Jason Prew – prizes on the way to you, if you have supplied your postal details.

Help Needed – Yacht Sojurn

WW has been contacted by Zoe Hawkins in regard to the yacht – Sojourn.Zoe is writing a story on the Northern Manukau Harbour and is looking for intel in regards to the keeler. She was built by the Davis Brother in Titirangi in the 1950’s. Zoe believes that It was put on the road and sold after one of the brothers became too sick to finish it and go sailing, most likely this was the 1960’s. An help very much appreciated. Two photos below.  

And More Help – Yacht Hawk V67

Yesterdays WW story featured small boat builder – John Maxwell – recently when John was cleaning out his parents home, he came across the hand coloured old print, below, of the yacht Hawk V67. John told me that if the boat is still around, then maybe the current owners may like this photo. It isn’t large but is better condition than the photo shows.