Otago Yachting & Motor Boat Club – 100 years ago

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Otago Yachting & Motor Boat Club – 100 years ago

I was recently sent a link to an article in the Otago Daily Times by Lindsay Grenfell. The original article ran in the ODT 100 years ago (24/03/1920. The photo above was captioned – ‘A launch load of children from orphanages leaving Dunedin wharf for the annual picnic given by the Otago Yachting and Motor Launch Club.. The launch has no markings / name board. Can anyone ID the vessel?

Auckland boaties used to run a similar gig  – link here to a WW story from back in August 2015 https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/08/12/orphans-day/

Input from Harold Kidd – INNISFREE which A C Hanlon sold to the Otago Harbour about this time when she was renamed PILOT.






Now while the vessel in todays story is a woody, the location is certainly not the Waitemata 🙂
The motorboat in the above photo is another from the Auckland Museum, Tudor Collins collection & was emailed to me by Ken Ricketts.

Are any of the woodys able to ID the location, date etc & possibly ID the vessel? Coconut palms in the background, islanders* helping with the loading – could be Suva, Nukualofa, Avatiu, Apia.

* not sure that islanders is a PC word, maybe I should have used ‘PI’ (Pacific Islander)

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photo ex Dean Wright

The above photos show the launch Pilot competing in the Whangaroa Classic Boats Game Fishing Contest. She was based up in Houhora at that time. Not a lot of brain cells were used up when they named her, as in her previous life she used to be the pilot boat in New Plymouth 🙂

I’m keen to learn a little more about her, anyone able to help?

More photos from Dean taken in 2007. At the time she was owned by Paul Nattrass.