Now while the vessel in todays story is a woody, the location is certainly not the Waitemata 🙂
The motorboat in the above photo is another from the Auckland Museum, Tudor Collins collection & was emailed to me by Ken Ricketts.

Are any of the woodys able to ID the location, date etc & possibly ID the vessel? Coconut palms in the background, islanders* helping with the loading – could be Suva, Nukualofa, Avatiu, Apia.

* not sure that islanders is a PC word, maybe I should have used ‘PI’ (Pacific Islander)

Yesterdays Survey
ww ran a survey yesterday around what classic wooden boat activities would appeal to you. Many thanks to everyone that completed the survey- BUT it’s not too late to do the survey, only takes a minute, so go on, just do it. Its anonymous  😉
Scroll down to find it.
Many thanks. Alan

4 thoughts on “Pilot

  1. An old Pacific hand, Owen Manktelow, thinks it could be at Vuda Point, Lautoka, where there is a gas storage facility.


  2. Probably taken on Collins’ trip to Fiji in 1951. Those are gas bottles being unloaded, surely.


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