Lidgard 42′ – Tuarangi >Silver Fin

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.28.03 AM

LIDGARD LAUNCH – Tuarangi > Silver Fin

We are told (trademe) the above boat was launched in approximately 1950. Her specs are 42’ x 12’1” beam with a 2’11”draft. She is powered by twin 110hp Hino’s. She is well set up for recreational diving with a compressor in the cockpit bilge for dive bottle refilling & customized multi dive bottle storage in the cockpit. As with most broker listings they have omitted to include the vessel’s name…… so I omit to include theirs 🙂

Any one able to put a name to the launch & provide more details on her?

Lots of details in the comments section + some history at the link below. A little sad that she has ended up looking like the above 😦


7 thoughts on “Lidgard 42′ – Tuarangi >Silver Fin

  1. Ron Kennedy was my grandfather. I remember fishing off the stern of Silverfin as a young boy. Would dearly love to see any photos of her when she was Silverfin. My grandfather adored her and was at his happiest when on board.


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  3. TUARANGI was built by Lidgard Bros for H.S. White and launched on 25 November 1950. She was 42’x40’x12’x4’3″ and originally had twin 90hp 6 cylinder Redwing petrol engines. White sold her to Bruce Winstone in 1951.
    By 1959 she was renamed SILVER FIN and owned by Dr. R.L. Kennedy at Tauranga. George N. Hale owned her in Auckland in 1964 by when she had been re-engined with twin Ford Lees Marine 4 cylinder 64.8 bhp diesels.
    Barbara Cooke had this to add – Bruce Winstone had a Frostbite which was carried on the cabin top, the name being Wairangi. Both Bruce and his son Jeff were injured in the blast. After re fueling someone lit the stove to boil the kettle causing the explosion. Judy Salthouse (nee Brooke) recalls the event well.


  4. Pretty sure you will find that is ‘silver fin’ and there has already been some mention of her I think.


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