This one (there are a few with that name out there) was spotted off Northcote last weekend by Nathan Herbert, he commented that her bow sheer has hints of the ex Winstone owned, Lidgard built –  Tuarangi > Silver Tip. Details on her at the links below

Todays look

As launched look

Any of the woodys able to supply more details on Ngaio ?

2 thoughts on “Ngaio

  1. This NGAIO is smaller than TUARANGI (BLUE FIN). — Looks about 36 – 38 feet by the look of her, & quite familiar, but I feel there may have been a name change, somewhere along the way. –
    Sad to see her looking so unloved. —

    Why do people let these lovely boats get like this? — Why don’t they sell them to someone who will love them, & give them the TLC the deserve, & cry out for? — KEN R


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