This one (there are a few with that name out there) was spotted off Northcote last weekend by Nathan Herbert, he commented that her bow sheer has hints of the ex Winstone owned, Lidgard built –  Tuarangi > Silver Tip. Details on her at the links below

Todays look

As launched look

Any of the woodys able to supply more details on Ngaio ?

28-05-2021 Comment from Tony Holcroft (owner) – My lovely old girl is “yet another Ngaio”.  I would love any /all the info I can get on her as she is out of the water getting some much needed work to restore her and is now up in the Kaipara and myself and family are looking forward to many, many years of fun and great memories to be had with her! I desperately want to find out her story and life befor so if there are any leads you can give me on her past it will be very much appreciated

6 thoughts on “Ngaio

  1. I’ve owned her for a couple of years now and she is in a shed up in the kaipara getting some well earned love and should come out fit and fighting for years more family adventures! I’ve had an old family friend and legendary boat builder come look her over and he thinks it’s a Billy Rogers boat (it’s a very well made old boat) which is making things much easier as for her age there’s very little work , only a small patch that had worm in it and no rot at all! I would love to get as much info on her I can as I have started a book on her and have left half to try and fill with her past adventures and will keep on looking for anything on her history (any help or leads very much appreciated)


  2. Dales – when the story appeared on WW in late 2016, we uncovered very little about her.
    I would suggest you join the Classic Yacht Association + check out the NZ Traditional Boatbuilding School, they run some great workshops on ‘how to’ for wooden boats.
    Cheers Ala H


  3. Keen to learn more about this as i have just purchased her for a full restoration.

    Anywherevi can get info on her history or best ways to restore?


  4. This NGAIO is smaller than TUARANGI (BLUE FIN). — Looks about 36 – 38 feet by the look of her, & quite familiar, but I feel there may have been a name change, somewhere along the way. –
    Sad to see her looking so unloved. —

    Why do people let these lovely boats get like this? — Why don’t they sell them to someone who will love them, & give them the TLC the deserve, & cry out for? — KEN R


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