Laughing Lady Getting Dressed


Laughing Lady Getting Dressed Photos

Todays ww post is a wee peek into the final stages of Laughing Lady’s restoration at the Whangateau boat yard. Photos ex James Dreyer’s ‘Seven Oceans Boatworks’ facebook page – click here to see more on the project

In the last few days James has used the services of a good old fashioned master craftsman with experience in the hot rod movement to apply some of the finishing touches to LL.
Given the level of presentation that LL will have when launched one would have to wonder where her home will be – certainly not a swing mooring in the Tamaki River, probably a boat shed or maybe even one of the dry docks?

ww awaits details on the splash date, must be fast approaching 😉

30-12-2016 The original plans have just surfaced. Read more in comments section.


04-05-2017 – Owner James Dreyer hard at work at the Whangateau Boat shed.


7 thoughts on “Laughing Lady Getting Dressed

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  2. I just stumbled across this blog and is absolutely thrilled by what I have seen.
    Maybe ten years ago someone put up a folder containing plans from the Luders yard on ebay. There was not a lot of interest in these plans and I ended up buying them for the reserve price. I’m not really sure why I bought them, but having a great interest in classic powerboats and knowing that Luders plans are somewhat rare as the yard burnt down including the archives had something to do with it. Most of the plans turned out to be of sailing yachts, but some powerboats was included. The one that really got me interested was a blueprint showing a proposed 33ft fast cruiser dated December 17. 1948. A sleek looking craft with an enormous flare in the bow section. Once in a while I have reminded myself of having these plans, and maybe one day build a model of it, as it looks so cool. The only problem being the plans only showing a side view of the topsides and a plan view an no hull lines. Then a couple of days ago looking through the discussion board I noticed a posting for a pair of Packard straight eights for a Luders 33ft commuter yacht. This had me thinking about the blueprint lying in my drawer again and a few minutes of googling brought me to this site. And yes, it’s the same boat as in my plans. The only obvious difference being the steering wheel that in the plans are placed on the port side. The plan doesn’t really show any more detail than what is seen in the ebay ad you already have, but is of course somewhat lager being drawn on a scale of 1:24 or 1/2” to a foot.

    Really looking forward to see her completed and back in the water!


  3. The recurring theme here is everyone telling me she needs a boatshed! If anyone has a lead on one that would be a good start.

    Pam has done a wonderful job finishing the decks and it’s great to be bolting shiny things on slowly. Still a way to go, but the end is in sight.

    Taking a break from sanding and fitting hardware to sail our new toy down the coast.
    1937 Yankee one design Varuna – inspiration for Jack Brooke’s Gleam. Should be a fun little racer & day sailer.


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