Cerinara- Sailing Sunday

CERINARA – Sailing Sunday

ww has had a request from Gary Chaplin for any info on his brothers ketch, Cerinara (pictured above), that originally came from New Zealand and is now based in Queensland Australia .
All they know about her is that the hull of Cerinara was a John Alden design & was registered with sail number 6841. She was found in mangroves somewhere and then the topsides were completed & launched in approx. 1990. Probably in Auckland.
Gary is unsure when she went to Australia but he reports she is a beautiful girl and lovely to sail.

Any woodys able to supply any more details on her kiwi past?

24-12-2016 Hauled out photos added.



2017 Centerboard Regatta

Some how the above event slipped below the ww radar – who ever does the publicity for the event need s a nudge 😉 Not much in the way of regatta photos but Baden Pascoe & the coastal rowing guys attended & sent in the photos below. Hopefully some had a camera & they will send ww some photos 🙂





7 thoughts on “Cerinara- Sailing Sunday

  1. Hi
    This is a message for Gary Chaplin about the ketch Cerinara. The Kauri hull came from Paihia and was transported to a farm in Kumeu by a guy called John Griffiths. The boat was was built in the shed over about 4 years and was named Cerinara after his three daughters Cedah, Erin and Tara. The boat was moored in Whangaparoa and had many trips around the Hauraki Gulf but no large offshore trips. She was even at the final of the America’s Cup in 2000 in Auckland Harbour right be Team New Zealand at the viaduct as they returned victorious. She is a beautiful boat and looks to be being very well looked after which is lovely to know. I was 10 years old and drove up to Paihia with my Dad to view the boat when he bought it. I hope this helps. Kind regards Tara


  2. In defense of some brokers, I have known the correct Topsides for 30 years, and interesting that about 80% of boat owners use topsides to refer to the superstructure. Very confusing. Maybe Alan or Harold could do a post with Boat Terminology including LODeck, Loa, Lwl, etc as there is still confusion.Many years ago the MIA standardised LOD to be Hull length from Top of Stem, to Centre of transom, but where applicable to include the boarding platform only if the hull itself is extended underwater. There has been confusion for years as Registered length was some obtuse measurement to the rudder post I believe, but never had this explained to me. Cheers


  3. Hi John , Have talked to my brother and he said Cerinara is approx 51 ft without bowsprit or davits . He said it is very much like the Formosa 51 that was designed by Alden for a Cheoy Lee in Taiwan . He is looking for some photos of the stern and not sure of her beam . You can see the likeness when you search on Formosa 51 .He thinks the builders name of the cabin top etc may have been King .


  4. Hi , will see if I can get that information on her dimensions and photo of the stern . Thanks Gary


  5. Can’t see anything in the Alden book that matches, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she isn’t from the Alden office. My own first thought was a modified L.F. Herreshoff “Nereia”, but without any dimensions or a clearer look at her hull (especially her stern) it is only a guess.
    Re “topsides”; once again brokers have muddied the waters, but in small craft, i.e. anything that can’t be described as a “big ship”, topsides is the side of the hull between the water and the gunnel.


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