Woody Christmas Quiz – Big Prize Draw

Woody Christmas Quiz – Big Prize Draw
Correctly name the launch in the photo above and you go into the draws to win one of 5 prizes on offer. Entry by email only at waitematawoodys@gmail.com  I have extended the entry cut off to allow more people to participate i.e. not just the early raisers 🙂

Closes Friday 18 Dec 2020 @ 8pm. I will do everything I can to get prizes out b4 xmas, so maybe include your postal address on the email.There has been a name change , so I will take either answer 😉

• A Copy of the book – ‘Des Townson – A Sailing Legacy’ https://destownson.co.nz/

 WW T-shirt

 WW Cap

• A 2021 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Calendar zea.rachel@gmail.com

• And the best prize – a bottle of the world famous in Devonport home made tomato sauce – 100 year old family recipe – perfect for the beach BBQ

Order a copy here https://destownson.co.nz/

waitematawoody t-shirts

WW t-shirts

I have been playing around with a t-shirt for ww’s for a while – several design prototypes have been done & styles of shirt tested.

Now if I asked my 23 yr. old son to wear a  t-shirt, any t-shirt, he would tell me where to go. So when he ‘steals’ one of the latest designs & then wears it to the extended family & friends xmas lunch today, I think I might have a hit on a good design + his mates at lunch all asked for one 🙂

ps the raspberry pavlova was a winner as well.