waitematawoody t-shirts

WW t-shirts

I have been playing around with a t-shirt for ww’s for a while – several design prototypes have been done & styles of shirt tested.

Now if I asked my 23 yr. old son to wear a  t-shirt, any t-shirt, he would tell me where to go. So when he ‘steals’ one of the latest designs & then wears it to the extended family & friends xmas lunch today, I think I might have a hit on a good design + his mates at lunch all asked for one 🙂

ps the raspberry pavlova was a winner as well.

11 thoughts on “waitematawoody t-shirts

  1. The design is outstanding so is the blog. Your a COOL DUDE Alan !!!
    I’m waiting for you to print the logo off in the form of a sign for the front doors of the boat shed, a few cards to pass out would be great too.
    You ought to be proud of yourself Alan, you took the letters N E R D out of classic boat for us all.


  2. The initial thought was just a few shirts for ‘friends & family’ – but I have had a lot of emails + comments re buying them, so maybe I need to look into doing a run. I will start a list of interested people & get back to them once I have done some costings. I hate cheap & nasty t-shirts so they wont be cheap as I will source a good quality garment. I have a few midnight blue (almost black) ones & I’m leaning towards this colour.
    Off boating soon, so will update in a few weeks 🙂

    ps I know the ensign is back-the front- Harold K spotted this months ago, will correct.


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