Waitangi Hotel – Mystery Launch – Quiz

Waitangi Hotel – Mystery Launch – Quiz

Todays photo comes to us via Lew Redwood’s fb and the quiz is – name the launch in the middle of bay, out from the Hotel Waitangi.

All answers to waitematawoodys@gmail.com closes 6pm today (23-12-2022) All correct answer go into the draw – PRIZE is a 2023 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Calendar.

2 thoughts on “Waitangi Hotel – Mystery Launch – Quiz

  1. Obviously, in my view, one of the many Shipbuilders Ltd kitset hard chine double diagonal Kauri, Fibreglassed over, 28-34 footers, built completely by Shipbuilders themselves, or sold to owners, partly, or totally, in kitset form, to assemble themselves, in the 1960s BUT WHICH ONE???? — KEN R


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