Mystery Launch 14-04-2020

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 6.00.58 AM


The above photo comes to us via Lew Redwoods fb and shows a very smart launch unloading passengers at an unknown beach – possibly on the Hokianga Harbour. Photo ex Sheran Webb.

On my count there are 17 people aboard……….. not sure how many that Mk1 PFD would support 🙂

Anyone able to shed some light on the launch, she is way to pretty to be an unknown.

A couple of excellent videos below- enjoy

Check out this video ex ‘My Classic Boat’ from the 2016 Thames Traditional Boat Festival, a little OTT in places but some very cool woodys.

Proof even the ‘Experts’ get it wrong – Check Out The Video Below

1 thought on “Mystery Launch 14-04-2020

  1. Don’t think it’s the Hokianga. The hill to the right looks almost like it could be above Rangi Point but there’s not enough sandhill encroachment and the nearer beach doesn’t add up. Anyway, the launch is just light years too smart for the Hokianga and even sports a yacht club pennant on its bows. Inconceivable on the Hokianga! Don’t get me wrong, the Hokianga boats were amongst the finest work boats in the country. Once upon a time I knew every one of them.
    Someone will pick up the landmarks…Otago?


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