Rehia Gets A JPPJ

Rehia Gets A JPPJ

Back in Dec 2021 we advised that the 1939 Colin Wild launch – Rehia had a new owner and that she was hauled out at the Slipway Milford for some pressing systems work before her summer cruise. Link here to that story.

In the last month Rehia has been out again for a Jason Prew Paint Job (JPPJ) at the Slipway Milford, at the same time the ‘rolling’ maintenance programme continued – lots of bits added and removed to make family boating easier and more enjoyable.

When she slipped back in, she had quite a thirst and the mobile big sucker pump had to be brought on-board. Owner Joe spent a restless first night aboard, but the old girl settled down in the next 24 hours.

4 thoughts on “Rehia Gets A JPPJ

  1. Seymour: we were out of the water for almost 8 weeks. Paint job is the most noticeable feature now she’s back in the water, but there was a reasonable amount of work (including a new anchor system) done to tidy a few things that we picked up in the survey.

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  2. 1939 TO 2022. — 83 years of beauty & life, & still absolutely exactly as Colin Wild designed & built her, — LOOKING STUNNING & WONDERFUL, & I think with probably only 2 or perhaps 3 engines. — Originally a 6 cyl twin ignition flat head Buda petrol, followed by one or perhaps 2 x 6 cyl Ford Diesels, the first & perhaps only one, installed about the later 1960s/1970s . — KEN R

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  3. Thanks to all those involved. I couldn’t speak more highly of the team at Slipway. In addition to doing an amazing job on Rehia, the way they welcomed me to come and “tinker” away with the “basic” jobs I could complete myself was awesome. Good to be back on the water, might have been slightly more than 24hr of broken sleep bilging out water… but things have certainly dried up now. Cheers Joe

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