Rehia – Finds A New Home


Very chuffed to advise that the 1939 Colin Wild designed and built launch – Rehia has found new owners after an extend spell on tme. Bought by a young family that have the desire and commitment to return her to her former glory. Which she deserves, being woody royalty i.e. ex the Colin Wild stable. When a boat survives 80+ years in almost original configuration, it tells you that the designer got it right.

WW will follow this one closely, being ‘nice people’ the first project was fitting a holding tank – had to cash a few credits in at The Slipway Milford to get the work done at short notice – thank you Mr Prew 🙂 Lots of past Rehia stories on WW, search her name in the WW Search Panel – for lots of photos.

24-02-2022 Input ex Scott Taylor – Scott sent in the sketch and photo below of his fathers (Mac Taylor) time spent on Rehia on boom patrol during the WWII, Mac drew the pencil sketch of which Scott has the original.

7 thoughts on “Rehia – Finds A New Home

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  3. I think my grandfather bought the rehia after the war. I was lead to believe it was used as harbor patrol boat mybe the reason for (Z15) it was part of the flotilla that lead the britania into the harbor on the queen’s first visit to Auckland
    PS isn’t the engine bay a work of art. The table unscrew, hatches up, support beam fits into port and starboard recesses to aid engine work, all the drawers full of spare parts
    Fond memories


  4. Further to my previous comment, here are a few more bits & pieces re REHIA’s story, that are perhaps worth mentioning, or the same today as original.
    1. She still has her original name plate on the front wall of the bridgedeck by the helm
    2. She still has her original ceiling lights in the bridgedeck.
    3. Her duel ignition on the Buda, whilst it had 12 spark plugs had a single 12 position distributor cap & only the one distributor. The only marine engine I have seen with this arrangement, for dual ignition.
    4 she still has the original mast or one more or less the same.
    5; Wonderfully she has always retained her original varnished coamings.
    6. I had not specifically mentioned it but the Ryan family had her for a great many years. In later years she was mostly in the care of of my mate, their son, Bob who looked after her for them. — KEN R


  5. I can certify that she is indeed virtually original. I was first aboard her, under Bill & Phyl Ryan’s stewardship, Christmas 1947.
    She had a 6 cyl Buda, 6 cyl dual ignition, flat head, petrol engine, (12 spark plugs), at that time, which unusually had a “Bendix control system,” controlling a mechanical gearbox, with just the little lever, that is still there today, on the LH side of the steering wheel, for selecting forward neutral & reverse, which is still in place, (although perhaps unused), today, whereas all other boats I ever saw, had a very substantial lever of some kind, to do the job. This is the only such system I have even seen in a pleasure craft,

    Externally, she is still absolutely identical, as she was in 1947 & it is so wonderful to see her looking today, as she does, after all these years.

    She was also the 3rd pleasure craft ever, as far as I know, to have a marine RT which was a ZC1 MK II, fitted in late 1946, which was just after my father’s JULIANA, had hers fitted.

    These images showing her still so original today, bring back a great many very happy memories for me. — KEN R (edited)


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