Lady Rae

If you trolled back thru the CYA’s archives one of the classic launches that regularly made an appearance was the 1948, Chas Bailey Jnr designed launch – Lady Rae. Built by Chas Bailey & Sons.She last appeared on WW back in March 2014, so is long overdue for an appearance.

Todays photos come to us via the camera (iPhone) of Angus Rogers and see Lady Rae in Chamberlin Bay, Ponui Island. Keen to learn who owns her these days and what’s been done to her over the years.

There is a lot of chat in the comments section of the 2014 story – link below, I’d view K Rickett’s numerous comments lightly – back then I believed most things he said, these days there is a very fine filter applied 😉

Woodys At Ponui Island


Woodys At Ponui Island
Fiona Driver aboard her classic launch – Arohanui sent in the above gallery of woodys at anchor in Chamberlin Bay, Ponui Island on Friday evening. I’m told the woodys almost outnumbered the plastics 🙂

Nice to see the bridge-decker Lady Rae out and about, she was once one of the flagships in the CYA fleet. 

Lady Rae


Designed & built by Chas Bailey Jnr. in 1950, Lady Rae is a 12m,  kauri planked , carvel bridge decker, powered by a 120hp Ford.

Given her very distinctive style , I would be keen to learn more on her past & design influences .

Harold Kidd Update

She was built for Ken Simpson of Ventnor Road, Remuera. He owned her for many years, at least as late as 1967. She seems to have been a sister ship to GALA LASS built for A.H. Hurt of St Heliers about the same time. As for design, the styling cues were in every issue of “Rudder” and “Motor-Boat and Yachting” magazines of the time and ultimately derived from mid-1930’s American automotive design. If you half shut your eyes, LADY RAE looks quite like, say, a 1936 Dodge sedan, flat windscreen and all.