Lady Rae

If you trolled back thru the CYA’s archives one of the classic launches that regularly made an appearance was the 1948, Chas Bailey Jnr designed launch – Lady Rae. Built by Chas Bailey & Sons.She last appeared on WW back in March 2014, so is long overdue for an appearance.

Todays photos come to us via the camera (iPhone) of Angus Rogers and see Lady Rae in Chamberlin Bay, Ponui Island. Keen to learn who owns her these days and what’s been done to her over the years.

There is a lot of chat in the comments section of the 2014 story – link below, I’d view K Rickett’s numerous comments lightly – back then I believed most things he said, these days there is a very fine filter applied 😉

1 thought on “Lady Rae

  1. I have again read through Ken’s avalanche of words in the previous post on LADY RAE. I should have replied to the last posting, but had gone into hiding.
    Oddly enough, I did know Barclay well and did legal work for him in the 1960s. Nice man. His wife was Rae from memory, so that clinches it. I was a single-minded competitive centreboard yachtie in those days and regarded launches as “stinkboats” driven by motor-car drivers, so we would not have discussed LADY RAE. A partner in his practice was a prominent yachtsman.
    I am happy with the complex engine changes which Ken details as they seem plausible indeed in view of the difficulty in obtaining engines just after WW2 unless they were ex-USN or marinised Ford V8s of one brand or another, Osco being the most prevalent.


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