The above photo of Ngaroma, with the #85 on her, was sent in by Lew Redwood & is ex the NZ Herald heritage image collection.

She was built in 1910 by Collings & Bell & when launched, called Hazel. You can view photos of her on this link, when she was rigged for big game fishing

Anyone able to ID the other two woodys? & as a wild shot – what they were up to i.e. an event?

Photos below of Hazel ex Jason Prew – Okahu Bay 2003 – before her one way trip to NZTBS 😦




photo ex Merv Stockly

Following on from yesterdays ‘Aquila’ post & the debate over the identity of the launch in the background, Merv Stockly sent in the above 1954 photo of Ngaroma.
Ngaroma was owned by Merv’s wife Lyn’s father, Don Ross, who was game fishing with Ngaroma out of Whitianga until around 1962.

Any woodys able to pad the details on Ngaroma out e.g. designer, builder, other owners, todays whereabouts?

Update from Merv Stockly (edited by AH) – ‘Ngaroma’ was designed and built by Collings and Bell in 1910 but she was launched as `Hazel’ for an E.R. James, an American living in Ponsonby. She is listed in Harold Kidd’s book on classic lauches as `Hazel’.   Don purchased her as `Ngaroma’ and used her for game fishing charters until he later updated to `Miss Lidgard’.
Don will be chuffed to see her on ww . I print out your daily `woody’ for him each day after we give him breakfast.  He lives for the sea and boats but now at  92 can only remember and look at pictures.

The small photo below was sent in the Brian Worthington & show Ngaroma fishing out of Whitianga with a big black marlin on her counter. The Aldermen Islands can be seen in the background.



photo & details from Tom Morris

The photo above of the Mac McGeady designed/built launch Aquila was taken from the wharf at Whitianga in the late 1950’s & shows in the background the launch Cara Mia, at that time Cara Mia was owned by Don Ross who later became harbour master at Whitianga and an officer of the Mercury Bay Big Game Fishing Club. The photo appeared in the ‘Auckland Weekly News’ at the time.

I think Aquila, powered by twin 100hp engines, was originally built as Mac’s own vessel & later sold to a Mr Chub Sibun.

Can anyone confirm / added to the details on Aquila & Ngaroma?

Photos of Aquila below in Coralie Bay, Great Mercury Islands (ex Karen Moren ex Lyn McGeady ex Ben Hipkins)