photo ex Merv Stockly

Following on from yesterdays ‘Aquila’ post & the debate over the identity of the launch in the background, Merv Stockly sent in the above 1954 photo of Ngaroma.
Ngaroma was owned by Merv’s wife Lyn’s father, Don Ross, who was game fishing with Ngaroma out of Whitianga until around 1962.

Any woodys able to pad the details on Ngaroma out e.g. designer, builder, other owners, todays whereabouts?

Update from Merv Stockly (edited by AH) – ‘Ngaroma’ was designed and built by Collings and Bell in 1910 but she was launched as `Hazel’ for an E.R. James, an American living in Ponsonby. She is listed in Harold Kidd’s book on classic lauches as `Hazel’.   Don purchased her as `Ngaroma’ and used her for game fishing charters until he later updated to `Miss Lidgard’.
Don will be chuffed to see her on ww . I print out your daily `woody’ for him each day after we give him breakfast.  He lives for the sea and boats but now at  92 can only remember and look at pictures.

The small photo below was sent in the Brian Worthington & show Ngaroma fishing out of Whitianga with a big black marlin on her counter. The Aldermen Islands can be seen in the background.


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  2. First Point :
    The picture of Ngaroma on the wall in the Manukau Yacht and Motor Boat Club does not refer to the launch Ngaroma in this thread but refers to the 24-foot Logan Bros patiki-type yacht, the champion Ngaroma that was built for W. MacKintosh of Manukau in 1904. She was sold to Stanley Jeffries in 1907 who shipped her to Napier. She was wrecked on Marine Parade Napier around 1935 or 1936.

    Second point.
    The photograph, on their wall, which is labelled as “Ngaroma”, is not actually the champion 24-footer Ngaroma at all but another Logan built patiki, a 22-footer called Doreen built in 1903. After racing on the Waitemata, Doreen was sold (or loaned) to the Manukau around 1907 and went down to Napier about 1909, sold there by A.C. ‘Barky’ Wild, Colin Wild’s brother. Apparently she survived into the 1930’s when, so I was told, she was sold in to Lake Taupo.

    Ngaroma had a cuddy aft of the mast (see Emmy – 70 years of M-class Yachting page 31). The boat in the ‘Ngaroma’ photo is open almost up to the mast as were her close sisters Aoma and Colleen. I pointed this out to the MYMBC several times and backed it up with photographic evidence but because ‘that photo is really old’ and the hand written indian ink writing on the picture’s border is also ‘really, really old’ it seems photographic evidence cannot be correct.

    Hence Ngaroma. 🙂


  3. The boat in these pictures was in Putiki Bay Waiheke for a long time. When my parents built at Ostend about 1985 she was afloat on a moorings there and appeared to be a retired commercial fishing boat with the name Ngaroma. Later she was up on the beach, used as a house boat and became more and more derelict over time. Eventually she no longer floated and was abandoned or dealt with by the Council (there was a 26 foot mullet boat along side that was subjected to the same treatment that ended up being just a hull with no deck.) The cabin(of Ngaroma) had been extended and was changed from the pictures above, the keel was held in place by u bolts around the outside of the keel. On the top plank at the bow if you looked carefully you could see the carved scroll work that would have been quite impressive originally. The Ngaroma (still in one piece) and what was left of the mullet boat were removed and I think taken to Auckland sometime around 2000.
    There is a picture of the Manukau Ngaroma referred to above by Harold hanging on the wall at the Manukau Yacht and Motor Boat Club.


  4. Hi Harold,
    Thanks for your information and I’m sure yours is correct. I have sent Alan a series of photos of `Venture’ for him to post. A couple of those photos I took in 1968 on an eastern Auckland beach. The others come from Don’s time with `Venture’. We would love to know where she may be now. Hopefully not deceased like `Hazel/Ngaroma’.


  5. Dick Bakewell told me she was built at Te Kopuru by Barbour as a lifeboat. She was only 18ft loa.


  6. I have a childhood memory of Don visiting our Auckland home with Mark Carey engineer of the little Lady Jocelyn that traded to Whitianga.Mark was a longtime family friend ours and lived with us for awhile. At the time Don attended either Mt Albert Grammar or Auckland Grammar. I remember he gave me a model boat he had made. In latter years Don was relieving Master of Lady Jocelyn.


  7. Sounds like Don’s Venture to me. Don purchased her from Dick Bakewell about 1939-40 and had her until the swap for `Ngaroma’. Don thinks she was built of Island Kauri and thought she had been built in the islands and sailed to NZ. She was only 19 to 20ft and a carvel double ender. We believe we saw her up on an eastern beach in Auckland around 1968 and took some photos. Some of her original keel had been removed then. Will try to load some photos of her.
    Of all Don’s boats this one was closest to his heart. We would love to know if the `Venture’ is still around.


  8. That’s probably the keel yacht VENTURE E38 which seems to have started life as a carvel lifeboat built on the Northern Wairoa by Barbour then was converted to a keel yacht by Bob Shakespear. Nathan should know about that.
    Alan Coates (later a Magistrate, one of the nicer ones) owned her about 1931 and sold her to Dick Bakewell in 1936. I imagine Dick sold her on when he bought JEANETTE from Ted Le Huquet in 1948.


  9. I hardly recognized her. She was a rather handsome craft in her day. We did visit her at the school. We had had too much on to take her in at that time. I remember several attempts had been made to repair her stern over the years. She was simply tired and had had her day unfortunately. Nice to hear some of her story on the blog.


  10. Thanks for all the comments. Its a shame `Ngaroma/Hazel’ is now deceased. It’s good she ended up at the NZ Traditional Boatbuilding School, and some of her timbers may be re-used teaching interested craftsman boatbuilding with real materials in the traditional way.
    There is somewhat of a hole in her history obviously. Don swapped his yacht `Venture’ for `Ngaroma’ from Snow Harris who Don believes was a well known yachtie in Mullety circles from Auckland. At the time Snow lived at `Hansen’s Island’ (after Charlie Hansen had passed on) and wanted a yacht instead of a launch.
    Don lived for most of his younger years in Auckland and sailed all round the Gulf. One of his favourite trips was to sail up to Hansen’s Island for the weekend. He has a number of letters from Charlie Hansen.
    In 1949 he,his wife and daughter Lyn sailed off to Whitianga in `Ngaroma’ where he used her for gamefishing until 1962.


  11. Let me do a 180?
    Closer examination of those pics leads me to believe NGAROMA is a double-ender. The clincher is in my own database.
    1. HAZEL disappears as HAZEL in 1916. NGAROMA appears in 1916.
    2. HAZEL and NGAROMA shared the same 1914 registration number, 84, so they are the same boat.
    Anyway we now know the intermediate history of HAZEL/NGAROMA and her sad fate!
    (My apologies to Merv Stockley)


  12. HAZEL (now deceased) was a canoe-sterned double-ender in the Logan Bros style. In these two images NGAROMA looks to me to be a tuck-sterned boat, but I could be wrong. Then again, I thought MISS LIDGARD was built by Lidgards themselves c1951.
    There were lots of NGAROMAs including J.A. Lawler’s Fairmile.
    One was on the Manukau from 1912 owned by J Filmer and later the Jeffs brothers but went to Kawhia in 1931.
    But there was another NGAROMA in Auckland which first appears about 1916 owned by Vere Harrison and she was a husky 35 footer. Later owners were Charles O’Brien and George Laycock who wrote the yachting columns for the Herald and was a great mate of Wilkie Wilkinson who wrote the yachting columns in the Star. She was re-engined with a 35/40 Scripps in 1927. Later owners again were H.G. Forbes and one Pardy. She disappears from Auckland in 1937 and I’m guessing she was sold the the Bay of Plenty/Mercury Bay for fishing.
    Unfortunately the Register of fishing boats for Tauranga at the time has been lost in a fire. That would have provided all the data needed.
    I don’t know who built her but she lived in St. Mary’s Bay all the time she was in Auckland. The chances of her having been built by Collings & Bell are therefore high.


  13. Hi Merv
    If its the same boat & I think it is – I’m sad to report that her final resting place was the NZ Traditional Boatbuilding School, where she was recycled into useable material.
    Alan H


  14. Don was delighted to see `Ngaroma’ as todays post. He wonders if anyone may know what has become of `Ngaroma/Hazel’. The owners after him were going to use her for long-lining in the Gulf. She came back to Whitianga once later on as a long-liner for a short visit. Don was most unimpressed with the changes made to doghouse cabin area.
    Any info appreciated.


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