Tiromoana, Orinda II & Omana

Tiromoana, Orinda II & Omana
photos ex Helen Andrew ex the Coggan Collection

Several nice early photos of Tiromoana, Orinda II & Omana from the Coggan Collection. Ken Ricketts commented that the one  below of Tiromoana with PT105 on her stern was when his father Ralph & Roley Gillett (Orinda II) played a practical joke on Tiromoana one night after an evening of celebration & put a new name on her stern, without Joe Coggan’s knowledge of course.

10 thoughts on “Tiromoana, Orinda II & Omana

  1. Ken, do keep the cringe factor to a minimum? I’m happy to provide the text of my 5 part series on James and David Reid as published in Boating NZ if needed. It deals copiously with MAVIS B/NGAIRE/OMANA.


  2. ORINDA was built by Max Carter in 1964 for Roly Gillett. She seems to have been called ORINDA not ORINDA II by the APYMBA. Was there a later/earlier ORINDA?
    John Hayman later lived at Auckland Road, St. Heliers.


  3. Ken – Omana has not been featured on ww. Its in the archives to be one day & as luck would have it, if you promise to not write numerous ‘War & Peace’ long replies – that day will be tomorrow 😉


  4. They were the Tip Top Ice Cream family as far as I know — I think Jack’s father was the founder of Tip Top from recall. — Jack’s son still lives in the house, or did at least until about 12 months ago, & can’t see him moving from a spot like that.
    Never new of a specific friendship or association with the Wells, but everyone we have spoken of, except Gilletts, lived literally a few yards from each other, & inevitably all knew each other. — it was actually a delightful happy close knit community of boaties, with the common bonds of their boats, with Athol of course, being part of it, & having the JOAN for all those years, along with the Guthrie’s with ISLE OF ARAN, & Fred Brake right next to the Coggans having had Garth Lane of Lane Motor Boat, who was also right next door the other side, build him the SEAWAY, & SEAWAY FAIR.
    OMANA is nee MAVIS B, as you will probably know, & only became OMANA when Lane Motor Boat & Haymans joined forces & replaced her previous coamings, in the early 1960s. — Haymans lived alongside the other side of Lane Motor Boat.
    She was previously, as per the pic I took in Matiatia in 1948.
    She has had 3 dramatic changes altogether, & in all of them is unrecognisable from her past format & is a fascinating story, which was posted some time ago on woodys. — KEN RICKETTS


  5. The Haymans, who owned OMANA, (in the background of the middle pic.,) lived on the corner of Riverview & Queens Rd (& Still do as far as I know,) between the Coggans & Ricketts, — all one big happy boating family as it were, where everyone except Gilletts, could see their boats at the bottom of their gardens & were of course all close friends along with the Gilletts. — KEN R


  6. The jetty & boats are at the bottom of Joe & Esme Coggan’s family home garden, in Riverview Rd Panmure where they lived for many years, (just around the corner from my parents, who were a few yards away, at 1 Bridge St, & where my family spent countless happy hours with the Coggans, over many years. –Fabulous spot to live for any boatie. Geoff is of course, absolutely correct, with the details as above — KEN RICKETTS


  7. Hi Baden,this photo took me back in time.The larger vessel is the fairly new (at the time) PORT KENNEDY with the wooden barge MAGGIE (with the mast). At Rothery’s Landing where Subritzky’s first operated from. Visible are the sand bins and the stock race where Jock McKinnon landed stock from the scow RAHIRI. Further upstream is Eastern Marina built on the remnants of the first bridge. Gilletts for years operated “Gillet’s Orinda Garden Center” on Whitford Rd in Howick , now long gone.The white and blue dinghy on the jetty is a 9ft Mosquito Craft.I would have been working for them at the time this photo was taken. Years later I was skipper of the PORT KENNEDY for quite a few years.


  8. Was the top photo taken at Panmure? I am most interested in the large vessel on the other shore line.


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