Classic Launches at Kawau Island 1939

Classic Launches at Kawau Island 1939

Todays photo comes to us from the AKL Library Heritage Collection and is tagged ‘Colourised image – Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island, 1939′

Think I can confidently ID the three launches in the middle of the photo, being – Amakura II > Rehia > Atalanta. (correction – more likely to be Marguerite/Lady Una. Thanks Patrick O’Mera for the heads up)

Wonderful to see that Rehia has remained almost unaltered for the last 80+ years – we like that 🙂 Recent WW story on her here

The smaller launch to the left has me stumped. Anyone able to ID her .

3 thoughts on “Classic Launches at Kawau Island 1939

  1. I think the colored image has to be pre WWII as the AMAKURA has her original stern exhausts & I have images of her during WWII in the navy garb, with her present side exhausts clearly visible — perhaps this change was done during WWII.
    The colour is very well done if done after printing.
    Also it is the only image I have ever seen of her with exhausts out the back & the boarding ladder at the bridgedeck door — neve new she had ever had that – interesting.
    I saw the bunged up stern exhaust outlets when she was being refurbished at Brookes West Auck rural property, & the paint had been stripped off the tuck, a year or so ago. – KEN R

    As stated the photos 1939. WWII started Sept 1939 so of course it’s pre WWII. Alan H


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